whats your job? is it outdoor work? does it fit around bushcraft?

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Jun 13, 2010
North Wales
Yes. I stuffed my interview. "good answers but could have elaborated more at times". Apparently half the number of vacancies they were expecting and more applicants. Still doesn't make me feel any better about it.

Mikey P

Full Member
Nov 22, 2003
Glasgow, Scotland
I'm sort of 'retired' - took my early option point in my last job. Am now full-time student in Glasgow but I am also self-employed as a contract project manager in the aerospace industry and do some contract work as a tree surgeon on occasion. In terms of job satisfaction, I get a lot out of working outdoors but at my age I can't use that to pay mortgages and bills, etc. So, I try and do a number of different jobs to keep life interesting and hope to continue to do that when I qualify. With any luck, as life progresses, I'll get more time to do bushcrafty things but like most people on the forum, I find it difficult to do as much as I want to.

Ultimately, we all aspire to be John Fenna.


Oct 20, 2010
I, my dad and sis have a Farm with 50 cows, 5 goats, 2 pigs, 8 rabbits, 50 chicken, 5 cats and 1 dog.

We dont live from the farm. The amount of money that they eat is also coming back from them.

To bring money in our pockets we have a recreation farm. That means a Camping on the farm, Birthday party, Family partys etc etc.
Our main people our kids till the age of 12 and we try to tech them how a farm and animals and nature works.
Lots of kids dont know where there meal comes from. It doesnt pay much. But to give people a good day brings lots of joy into live.

I love to be outside and work in all the seasons it brings me to live. We dont have any forest on our grounds but I try to get out 1 once a month with a small bushcraft club.
All the gears comes in handy for the farm work so thats also a plus.

Check out our website. www.desteenuil.nl (its in dutch but you can use google translate to translate it)

I like your story. thanks for sharing


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Apr 17, 2006
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
30 years a police officer, then retired.

Mountain Leader, Winter Mountain leader, Canoe coach, DOE Gold Wild Country assessor, ETC aquired as the years went by.

didn't work for 7 months, wife then said "work"!

So got a job and now am in Jordan.

little chance currently for much in the way of outdoor stuff, and when we do, its in the desert, a real different environment from what I used to, but its fun!

Alan L.

fast but dim

Nov 23, 2005
i work as a firefighter on shift, but have a lucrative part timer as a windowcleaner. prior to that i worked as a hod carrier. i spend a lot of time outdoors and love it, rain, snow ,sun. the british weather is never that bad for that long. i could never work inside.
It really bugs me when people who spend all day in an office moan about the weather. it's going to be cold tomorrow, but i'll be wrapped up and cleaning windows if it's not too icy. if it is i'll take my dogs out till it thaws the paths.


Jan 8, 2011
I'm a stockman on the Estate farm, Mostly wild parkland using a lot of traditional hill farming methods. Started on Farms when i was a kid then moved to cornwall at 14 and after school and did a bit of anything mostly working with cars doing custom builds for a few years before starting my own landscaping company but i missed the farm work too much and finally shut down the landscaping and took on a few farm jobs in cornwall before moving up here, I love it out all day and always varried i love being on such a wild estate so much more interesting than the typical southern pasture land i was used too!


New Member
Aug 14, 2010
I am a Tree Surgeon, nothing makes me happier than being 100+ft in the sky, looking over a small town, sawdust and 2 stroke fumes hitting my face, I'd never work inside!

tiger stacker

Dec 30, 2009
Work for RSBI which is part of Glasgow council, rarely inside as its nicer out and about.
Our yard has a swamp next to it, great for magpies and birds bad for us as it is always a cold yard.
If you know where to go in GLasgow urban Roe deer are a everyday sight. Been brought up in the Trossachs which is just over a hill(errols seat) from my house. When you follow in Tom Weirs footsteps, you learn its not all about going far away when natures beauty is on your doorstep.

Retired Member southey

M.A.B (Mad About Bushcraft)
Jun 4, 2006
your house!
I do bugger all at the moment, home Dad, so I get a bit of time to play in the garage, garden and local woods when the nippers are asleep or bored and need entertaining by my woeful attempts to make things or identify anything that might be useful :-D

fred gordon

Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Mar 8, 2006
Local Authority Head Countryside Ranger so I get to be out and about quite a bit. Due to retire though in March so I will be able to do all the other things I like doing as well. Walking, canoeing, Amateur Radio, Hovering, shopping. The last two are my wife's idea!:lmao:


After a career as a news photographer in Londion and Paris in the 80's & 90's, for the last ten years Ive been running my own carp fishing lakes in northern France. I guess its pretty much outdoors... means I get to camp and fish often. Not really thought about Bushcraft before discovering this forum and watching some Ray Mears videos. Funny how much of my fishing over the last 30 years necessitates the same skills.
I do think though that I'm going to try a tarp and hammock in place of a bivvy and bedchair set up. This will save me 40kgs in gear.


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Dec 12, 2006
paddling a loch
Was a WW Raft guide, climbing, sailing, bivvy instructor in the Med and Alps then got a degree in CDT/Design & Technology teaching, 1997. We teach very practical and hands on skills so is not boring. Was not allowed on the Outdoor Ed. degreee, even though I had qualifications. Suits me, climb with kids every week, occasionally canoe, bivvy/camp with kids too. Bell goes at 3.15pm so can do a lot at night after work be it Night Riding MTB, winter night walks or canoeing and hillwalking, climbing in the lighter summer months. Have every weekend off and 13 weeks hols. Living a short drive from Lochs and Mountains gives lots of fun. Every summer go abroad for 5wks plus on road trips around the mountains of euroland taking road and mountain bikes, via ferrata, canoeing and climbing kit. Outdoor Learning is becoming more recognised up here with the new curriculum. It's easier to 'justify' taking kids out now. Still a lot of paperwork........


Jan 21, 2009
In a swamp
I'm a game warden. I spent a goodly while in a variety of jobs, all except one (prison officer) of which were outdoors and wildlife related. Lots of bushcraft and survival skills involved in my job. It's great getting paid for your hobbies.


Jan 8, 2011
I do bugger all at the moment, home Dad, so I get a bit of time to play in the garage, garden and local woods when the nippers are asleep or bored and need entertaining by my woeful attempts to make things or identify anything that might be useful :-D

I'll be doing that soon, will be moving back to cornwall to be a home dad, looking forward to it in a way, will miss work but i've got my workshop there and ill be in the middle of Bodmin moor


Jul 12, 2008
nurse prescriber and manager of a team that provides drugs and alcohol treatment to a large portion of the west country. prior to that, nurse specialist in addictions, before that, forensic mental health nurse on secure units, before that.... building, dead ends, and army for five minutes. basically nursing now for best part of 20 years.

the closest i get to "bushcrafting" on a daily basis is using my leatherman to open my post :p

fortunately, my family like to camp, so can get out with them and wife is a darling, so i get to go out without them too :)

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