What is the best tracking Course you have been on and why?

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Feb 25, 2010
Has anybody done any formal tracking training more than once and presented by more than one organisation or individual?

If so, which did you think was the best, for example in terms of how well you felt able to follow a trail after the course? (You might have other priorities - let's hear them...

Please, I'm only interested in positive views; if someone disappointed you, let's not hear about that - let's hear more about why someone else delighted you. :)

Thanks guys.

bowji john

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Cyber tracking

First created by Louis Liebenberg. It is based around a South African data logging system that resulted in a system for evaluating skills

I first came across it when re-qualifying as a game Ranger in SA

Cyber tracking certification is a highly challenging and exacting exam based program founded upon a logical, scientific, observational system for track and wildlife identification

Refreshingly free of pretentious mysticism and fakery


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Dec 7, 2003
West Sussex
I have done several tracking courses over the years with a number of quite knowledgeable instructors each have their own styles and I have learnt something from them all.

it is very hard to quantify the best or event the worst. You need to consider the same factors for a tracking course as for any other bushcraft course. Location, price, number of students, standard of teaching etc. Tracking has various schools of thought from the purely scientific observation of sign to the much more spiritual side. My personality lends itself to the more pragmatic approach. Learning how to interpret the evidence based on observation and understanding of animal and human behaviour. I did learn a few interesting concepts from the Tom Brown school of though but on the whole I didnt enjoy those classes as much. I also like the tactical tracking aspects of the more military and law enforcement focus you get from the likes of Perry McGee.

I attended several courses with Max from Shadowhawk and enjoyed them all. I learnt new skills and built my confidence.
I have been on couple of advanced tracking courses with John Ryder at Woodcraft. Again I built on my existing knowledge and learnt a few new skills.
I started my tracking journey with Jim Halfpenny. A fantastic teacher and large carnivore ecologist.
Perry McGee from the National Tracking School is a sound instructor with a life time of practical knowledge of tactical tracking.

bowji john

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Good summary Wayne

Jim Halfpenny, Mcgee, John Ryder (who runs Cyber tracking assessments here in the UK)

All thoroughly, fascinating and thoughtful approaches.

Anyone starting out should consider reading Jim Halfpenny's & Louis Liebenberg's books (the latter's being free)

This is a fascinating and thoroughly absorbing subject that teaches scientific method, observational skills and requires a clear understanding of the environment and wildlife

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