webley premier

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Feb 16, 2015
Does anyone know if I would need a license for a webley premier as I'm new to all this and don't know how many ft lbs the air pistol uses

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Nov 29, 2003
At the moment, licenses are not needed in Scotland, but the Scottish government has said they intend to introduce licensing. I spoke to the local firearms licencing people late last year and they said no implementation date was set. BASC anticipate it this year or next year. See their helpful FAQ.

One issue is that the government have said that 'plinking' in back gardens won't be regarded as a good reason for issuing a licence. There might be some discretion in rural areas, but no-one knows.

I have both firearms and shotgun certificates, and a Feinwerkbau target air pistol - I used to compete (badly) and I practice with it at home indoors (Olympic-style air pistol target shooting is invariably done indoors). So when the the new law comes in I may find myself in the position of legally possessing my deer rifle (nearly 3000 ft lbs muzzle energy) but having to surrender my air pistol (perhaps 3 or 4 ft lbs muzzle energy).

By all means buy the Webley (assuming you are of age, not a prohibited person, and have somewhere to safely use it) - but you might find you need to sell it to someone in England when the laws come in.

Another option - bit more expensive - is join a target shooting club (thus giving 'good reason' for licensing) and buy an older target air pistol (eg Feinwerkbau 65, Original Model 6 or 10, or, less desirable, the Gamo target). The FWB 65 was VERY expensive in the 60s-80s when it was the best target air pistol available, and used by every top competitor. Now most competitors use pre-charged pistols and the old spring-piston Feinwerkbau is relatively cheap. However they last forever, spares are available, and in good hands will still shoot seriously good scores.