Waterproof Jacket

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Jan 2, 2012
I am trying to choose a waterproof jacket for D of E and general hiking, but am lost with all the different types of materials and brands. I am looking for a layer that will keep me dry(ish) after a day's walking in the rain, pack down pretty small, and be breathable, around the £60 mark. A wired hood would also be useful. So far, I have found a Sprayway (link below), which I was wondering if anyone had any opinions about, or if anyone has any other suggestions, they would be much appreciated.



Aug 17, 2007
That Sprayway is quite heavy for it's price, I think. (510g)
My Columbia Gore-Tex XCR rain jacket cost about the same and weighs about the same, but has more pockets and other lame features.
I'm also interested in a not very expensive rain jacket, but it'll have to be lighter.

Haglöfs has some interesting lightweight options (down to 180g) but prices are several factors higher at RRP...


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Jan 11, 2011
You could check out TKMaxx if you have one close as they often have some decent
mountain gear.
Ebay and outlet village type places too.I have a Berghaus Attrition Jacket in
Goretex Pro Shell that cost only £70 instead of £300 ish at Cheshire Oaks outlet
last year.It's a superb jacket but was only available in dayglo green hence the price.
You could look on Trail magazine's forum too as I have seen some real bargains there too.
For DofE look for dry rather than light or packable.Goretex Proshell or Event would be my choice.
Rock and Run sometimes have some serious bargains too and are superb to deal with.No connection etc just a very frequently satisfied customer.
Sprayway are ok but you could get better in your budget.Lots of friends swear by Keela and Regatta so could be worth a look.
Cheers , Simon


May 22, 2011
march, cambs
I have a Regatta packaway, light (not sure how light though) packs small in its own bag, breathable, very waterproof and cost me 10 quid so can be abused!!
No wire hood though Im afraid!!
I also have £160 northface but just for out and about and getting dirty the regatta is fine!!

Old Bones

Oct 14, 2009
East Anglia
The wired hood is going to be hard for that price (but certainly worth having, I missed out that feature on my current jacket and regret it), and the material is generally going to be own-brand (not all bad, but I'm not a fan of Hyvent). Sprayway is generally pretty decent kit (Cotswold have the same thing for £69, but if you get it in store there is no P & P), but its not the lightest.

Have a look at http://www.outdoorkit.co.uk/productlist.php?category_id=331 (there was a headsup on OM), and see what Cotswold have. A breathable jacket that packs down fairly small is doable for that price, and some pretty good brands as well (Patagonia (if your XS), Marmot, Mountain Hardwear, etc),but its tough to find a wired hood at that price. Its generally a higher level feature, and the cheapest one I spotted on the Cotswold site was a Rab Pinnacle at £100 (a v. nice wired hood, but heavy ME jacket is there for £110). If nothing else, you get to try them on (always very important), even if you order them from the net, and they might have clearance stuff instore which might fit the bill.

Personally (and this applies, no matter what your doing), I'd say get the best you can reasonably afford. The extra twenty-forty quid you will spend not only means you get things like a wired hood, but you'll get better material and choice. Spend £80-100 and you'll probably buy better, and it will last longer. If your doing D of E, then you'll be using it a fair amount. Good boots, good jacket and good pack are where you should spend your money, because they are the things that will really count if they don't work right. If you want to economize, there is an old thread on D o E recommendations on Outdoor Magic. Buy cheap, buy twice, and you'll be uncomfortable into the bargain.

OM http://www.outdoorsmagic.com/buyers-guides/lightweight-jackets-buyerand39s-guide/2024.html has avery basic guide to buying jackets , and a look around the site should bring up something which can help. Another site which is really handy is http://www.buachaille.com/ - which reviews gear and does price comparison. Trailspace.com is a US site which also does reviews, and is very handy for US gear that might pop up here on a deal. Also buy this months 'Trail'. There is the annual gear supplement, which has a list of all the jackets around, with reviews, prices, etc. Good way to find what you want.

Good luck.
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