Wanted issues 2 & 3 of Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine

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Jack Daniels

Jan 19, 2010
I know it’s a long shot.... but I’ve recently, been given a pile of old copies Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine by a friend and I would like to read issues 2 & 3, as they were missing.

If anyone has issues 2 & 3 in the back of a cupboard and no longer requires them - pm me.

I’m happy to swap for:
• Pair of Mora Spoon Carving Knives
• Books on knife making
• New set of terra nova titanium tent pegs (5g) x6
• Or let me know what you want ££


Jack :)
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I'm missing those too and to be honest, they are as rare as rocking horse poo. Depending on which ones you have there is a repeated feature by Dave Watson on friction fire lighting in a later issue. Might be a good idea if all the features were repeated one by one-Good luck!

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