Walking where Telephones Disappear.

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Jul 24, 2008
The days of carrying a bit of loose change in your pocket just in case you needed to use a telephone box have long since gone i suppose now mobile phones are so popular. Confirmed on my walks through Worcestershire and Shropshire where i have found a number of kiosks which have had their telephones removed and been converted to other uses. On a walk in Worcestershire i came across three telephone boxes in a four mile area that have all had their telephones removed and been converted to mini book-exchanges, anyone can take away a book for free provided they replace it with another book. On a walk in Shropshire i came across another one by the Brown Clee Hill. While walking through the village of Badger in Shropshire i found the telephone box there had been converted to an emergency defibrillator. I suppose another sign of modern times is the telephone box cum mini book-exchange in photo below is now overlooked by a security camera as well. I remember once when my old van broke down in the 1970s and i walked about two miles to a telephone box which turned out to be out of order, i knocked on a farmers door and asked to use their's instead and was treated to tea and home made cake by a lovely old couple. Seems funny to remember what an important role the telephone box once played. I would guess that many of the younger generation today have never even used one.

Old type telephone box converted to a mini book exchange overlooked by CCTV. (Worcestershire)

Telephone removed and replaced with books.

Telephone box converted to emergency defibrillator. (Shropshire)

This defibrillator replaces the old telephone.

There you are, have fun :)


Full Member
May 26, 2015
I miss the old telephone boxes... not the inside of them, they were usually disgusting after someone used it as a toilet on the way home from the pub, but the exterior... they were a nice sight. We have one in the village I live in, but I recently went over to the Wirral area for a bob about and I didn't see one. My favourite box has long since been demolished as has my old house... and the local pub is now a convenience shop.

There was talk of turning the newer phone boxes into free wifi hubs which I thought was really rather clever.


Oct 13, 2014
thanks nice little write up, not what i was expecting. i like the defibrillator box a great way to keep the old phone boxes on the street.

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