Vote for your BCUK Local Hero for 2007

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Hi Peeps

First of all id like to thank Tony for bringing us all together on his site
Red for his help on numerous occassions (sharpning-sealing my billhook handle and the wedges for my axe)
Fred Gordon for the fomes
Huntersforge for the book pass around
and everyone else who has answered my questions and given me advice:You_Rock_ :You_Rock_ :You_Rock_

still think you should bring back the rep points



Aug 25, 2006
The rep points!! Whatever happened to those?! I'd forgotten all about them. I
think they had been misused or something which is a shame. Actually I
probably don't need to know any more than that really!

The benefit I get from this site and you lovely people.... phew... I think it would
be tough to quantify!!


Feb 15, 2005
Silkstone, Blighty!
Well, thanks to all for the vote of confidence, I thought I was a twit with a keyboard but there you go! :D

This year has been a good year for me with regards BcUK, I've finally met a large number of the membership for the first time, something that I wanted to do for a long time. Spending time with the Delamere crew has been a wonderful experience for me, I have learnt some interesting things and done some great stuff there. Mushroom walks with The Mushroom Lady has to be maybe my highlight of the Delamere Experience, Fiona knows so much and has real passion for all things funghi!

Of course, I couldn't mention Delamere without thanking Goose for organising the whole shooting match, a number of times as well. Our Stags Breath drinking seesions into the morning and lantern swinging tales of our times in the Engineers are very fond memories, even though I can't remember half of what went on due to the booze! :D

Matt should also be thanked for his work in sorting out the Middlewood Experience which promises to bea good time. We have plenty planned, not sure if we'll fit it all in though! Also, we have a good laugh here, often taking threads a wee bit off on a tangent with our banter and joviality, but it makes the place a fun place to be!

Graham S is also a great guy, and Gallaine and Lodian, fancy coming all that way for a weekend! That's devotion, or maybe we do better knees up south of the border!:p

Gotta mention Wayland, maybe one of the most well known guys here. For those that haven't met him, he is a fantastic guy but very humble with it. It could be so easy for somebody with his lifestyle and life experiences to boast and brag about it, but not Gary. Also, he always brings tonnes of nik naks and kit to look at, all of it works of art.

A few guys that I have yet to meet, and I hope that I do one day, are Eric and Red. Fantastic leatherwork and other crafts from Eric, I also think his experiences would be great to listen to being recounted around a fire with a wee dramm or two. Red captivates the imagination with his fantastic photography and his tutorials, and I reckon his beef jerky, apple chutney and blackberry brandy should be in the shops! Excellent stuff.

To all of the people that I met at the Delamere Experiences and haven't mentioned, I have enjoyed your company immensely. There really are so many people that I cannot name them all, that is why I must thank the community at large, the Mods and Admin and finally, Tony for having the idea in the first place and setting in motion the means for like minded wierdos that like hanging around in woods to be able to come on line and discuss the best pants for bushcrafting in!

I salute you all!




Need to contact Admin...
Dec 28, 2003
Oxford/Gloucs border

I think that we should include Jason Sears because he looks like Wayland. Here he is at a recent Bucks Bushcraft meetup constructing himself an improvised hair band. He has been like a surrogate father to me. In his honour I have composed a few words:

Did you ever know that you're my hero? You're everything I could wish to be. I can fly higher than an eagle - because you are the wind beneath my wings:puppy_dog


Oct 22, 2006
Just wondering if this would be a good idea - mods please close /delete the thread if you think not.

I was thinking of some of the people who have made a real difference to my first year with BCUK and thought it might be quite fun to run a poll so that we could vote for our BCUK Local Hero.

What do people think?

I wonder if we could give voters the opportunity to chip in a bit of cash to a fund at the BCUK shop, so that the winner could have a prize of their choice from the shop. I don't think there should be an obligation to do this, but if you wanted to then I think it would be nice to be able to do so.

If we get the go ahead from Tony, I'll turn this thread into a poll so that we can start voting. I don't know if there is a limit to the number of choices that you can have on a poll, so we may have to limit the number of 'candidates'.

I have had help from a huge number of people here, and if you are not on my list below, it doesn't mean anything. It's just that these are the names that have stood out in my (failing) memory, either for helping me or for standing out from the crowd. Names are listed alphabetically.

  • British Red - always there in the background with meaningful thoughts - and a collection of wonderful photographs.
  • Eric Methven - for his generosity, skills, wisdom and humour.
  • Jodie - for her unfailing cheer, modesty and information about books, events and TV programs.
  • Matt Weir - because he seems a really 'decent fellow', always there to offer an encouraging comment.
  • Toddy - because she knows everything and is so willing to share her knowledge. The Gandalf or Dumbledore of bushcraft.
  • Tony - you don't hear very much from him, but I bet he is doing an awful lot of work behind the scenes.
  • Wayland - because his lifestyle seems so fascinating.
  • Xylaria - the Queen of Fungi.
If you think I should have acknowledged you above, and I haven't done so, my apologies. There are so many good people on this forum.

I reckon 'all of the above mate' and a great deal of others. This is the friendliest and most helpful place i have ever been and long may it continue. :You_Rock_

John Fenna

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Oct 7, 2006
It just has to be Tony!
A nicer bloke you could not meet - and he got this site up and running...a site that gathers all the others who also deserve a bit of hero-worship.
Every-one who posts stuff that inspires me and others deserves respect (most who have helped me have already had mention, but what happened to rep points?) but I would never have heard of them without Tony's efferts!
Big up Tony!


Making memories since '67
Just spotted this thread.

Thank you to those who have mentioned my name I do not think I am anything special as this site is a haven for good people. I am of course tempted to point out some examples of the great and the good but we have such a wealth of members who deserve credit that my post would run over the word limit allowed.

The knowledge that is shared is obvious for all to see. The friendship from members is available for all to experience at any of the meet ups that have taken place. And if you ever have any doubts about the generosity of the members have a look at some of the charity auction threads that have taken place.

So no list from me just a thank you to all who contribute to the site.

I do miss the rep button though ;)


I echo everything that's been said above, but I think a special mention should be made of Stevie, for proving that its not all academic, for thinking clearly in the face of adversity, and for unselfishly helping his fellow man when the chips were really down.

I've never spoken to, or met the guy, but from what's been posted on here and BB he deserves huge respect :notworthy

Nov 28, 2006
wales uk
it just has to be tony as the Bushcraft uk Local hero because it wa him that got thios goood website up and running

many thanks to tony for this

Tristan :)


Jan 8, 2007
kings lynn, norfolk
i would go for each and every one of you guys on here for one i would not have gained so much knowledge of bushcraft without you in such a short time i believe you all deserve the credit i also believe the site would not have kept going without you all big up for tony and the team for creating such an awsome site :You_Rock_


Just read this. Wow... I'm really honoured to be on so many peoples lists, not sure I've done anything to really deserve it though.

This site is so full of extraordinary people it's impossible to choose a few without leaving out so many others that deserve equal or greater accolade.

I've mentioned my admiration for Tony and the Mods before, but in the absence of the rep button, the best way to show your support to them would be through full membership.

One of the great features of this site is the group buys that crop up from time to time, great gear at good prices and in some cases unique opportunities. The work that goes on behind the scenes for these deserves acknowledgement too.

The meets up and down the country also require a commitment from both the organizers and the people who attend and bring knowledge and skills to share, free for the good of all. You all know who you are and this is a richer world for your contributions.

Last of all are the unsung membership that provide the very fabric of this community, from the newest member to the founding fathers (and mothers) it is the willing spirit of sharing that makes this forum the first thing I read when I turn my computer on and the last thing I check before I turn it off. I am constantly amazed by the breadth and depth of the knowledge that is freely given on BCUK and it often restores my faith that this is a wonderful world after all.


Sep 18, 2006
Cornwall, UK.
Well said Wayland. Tis a great community filled with lovely people, a wealth of knowledge and inspiring individuals, heavan'knows how you reward the community or it's individuals, I suppose full-membership like Wayland said is a direct way of supporting the community. :)


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Sep 4, 2007
York, North Yorkshire
Too many to name, and therefore i won't, but they know who they are.

Thank You - EVERYONE
I have spoken to, shared a pm with, thrown ideas at and read all the "How to's"

Take a bow:You_Rock_


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
May 12, 2005
South Marches
Too many to name, and therefore i won't, but they know who they are.

Thank You - EVERYONE
I have spoken to, shared a pm with, thrown ideas at and read all the "How to's"

Take a bow:You_Rock_
Awww, thanks Nat:werd: