virgin bush

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Oct 13, 2005
The banks of the Deveron.
This thread is amazing - I think people are rising to the small challenge against your more significant one. I am nowhere near as detailed as the others (sorry, time is against me), but I would say shop around.

Rab down bags are lovely but expensive, I use

Which is green (and attracts fewer bugs than bright ones I'm sure), but it opens out completely, so if you are very warm you have a sheet or blanket.

I have a thermarest, I put up with the price and the rest because my word they are good - most decent outdoor shops will let you have a go, tell them what you are doing and they may offer a discount, small independants probably will.

Bivvy bags and a tarp are a lovely way to camp, I think the best, I now only use tents to contain my children.

A headtorch - brilliant for calls of nature in the dark, esp when you drop the paper and it rolls away.....small LED ones are tiny and you may not need two sets of batteries.

I know people like bombproof water bottles, but I have a Camelbak thermobak
(insulated) which I use for the cold, they are supposed to be brilliant in Iraq for keeping it cool. If you are working hard - carrying/pulling that weight you will need lots of water - especially after local French hospitality - which brings me to my next point - a broad hat and DARK sunglasses, red wine hangovers are wicked.

I wish you all the best, I look forward to seeing your pictures as and when. I have a contact inside Rab HQ, so that sleeping bag may not be as expensive as you first think - if I can help I will. ;)

Great Pebble

Jan 10, 2004
Belfast, Northern Ireland

Regarding your sending packages ahead.

La Poste will certainly do Poste Restante for you on the French part of your journey.

You need to address the parcel to yourself, surname first, then the full address of the central Post Office in the town you're passing and mark the parcle POSTE RESTANTE.

They will keep the parcel and give it to you on production of suitable ID. Your passport will suffice.

There's a charge, but it's only a Euro or two, literally. (less than £1.50 tops)

Good luck in your endeavour and keep us here informed.


Nov 23, 2005
left coast, ireland

With any thing over 10kg you will be in serious trouble.
Also I don't think foraging for food and collecting water here and there is going to work, the area of Castilla y Leon which you will have to traverse after Navarra and Logroño is very barren and, during summer, to my experience, completely parched.
This and the pack weight problem means that most pilgrims must rely on
shops and town fountains to resupply.
Sleeping out in summer in a bivvy bag is a practical idea and you also will not have the problem of over crowded refugios to contend with. It can drop a few degrees in the wee hours so you will need a very light sleeping bag along with a foam mat as well.
You will also be traveling through some pretty rural areas so obtaining fuel for a specific gas stove may be a problem. I think meths, from a chemists, is the only sensible cooker option if you choose to self cater.
Summer weather is very hot and dry, heavy rain cloths, insulating layers etc. are not needed although the odd thunder shower is not unknown so carrying a pocho is a good idea.

Happy trails......Torc.
Jun 5, 2006
hartley wintney
well, what can i say? i'm totally blown away....

red, thanks so much for adding to the already great info.

Carcajou Garou, thanks. i'm not asking you to do my research for me but do you know any more specifics or where there are pic's please?

richeadon, thanks. if rab can help that would be great. as i've said before, i will acknowledge all help i get if i get published.

on a deeper level, i have come up with the very new age idea of taking a list of the contributors in this thread on the walk with me and will regularly meditate with them in mind and see if i can send you all some love and receive some energy.

thanks great pebble, this is very helpful.

thanks torc, i have bought a kelly kettle. do you think this is not practical? also, when you say 10Kilos, have you taken into account the travois idea? thanks for the links, i'm gonna check them out.

if bushcraft was a religion, you're all saints, thanks, mark

Carcajou Garou

On a new journey
Jun 7, 2004
One place comes to mind is the Cabelas catalog:
It would be listed as a game cart: in the hunting section: in the after the hunt part. Several types and load capacity.
You could use a variation of what you see for your own travois, might even want to put a front set of folding legs to rest the travois on an even keel when your need to stop or rest. Attaching a harness would allow you freer access to your arms and spread the load along your shoulders and back also give a more comfortable platform to use to pull the travois instead of relting solely on your hands and hand gripping strenght. :yo:
Jun 5, 2006
hartley wintney
hi Carcajou Garou, had a look and they are great. never knew anything like it existed. however, for this walk i want a simple, natural, repairable travois. if i do a road walk it will certainly be coming with, thanks, mark

pierre girard

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Dec 28, 2005
Hunter Lake, MN USA
travois said:
hi moduser, thanks.

i am finding out if i can have parcels sent to the sanctuaries because i need certain dietary items to help me keep regular in the bowel dept.

how's that to be getting on with? thanks, mark

I'd suggest steel cut oats (also known as pin head oats) - for oatmeal. If you don't oveercook them - they'll certainly keep you regular.

On the trail we eat it with a bit of salt, raisins and maple (or brown) sugar - no milk.
Jun 5, 2006
hartley wintney
hi pierre, thanks for the info. it is pretty much what i had in mind, mixed with bran. it had never occurred to me that cooking them too much would effect the effect (if you know what i mean) but it makes sense, ta

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