Very special skinning knife

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Jun 25, 2013
Hi guys the last of the steel I made some weeks ago , I got asked for a bull nosed skinning knife so made this up , the guy that asked for it hasn't made contact so I'm offering it for sale .
It's 120 layers of steel forge welded together .
It's flat ground with African hard wood scales and brass bolster . English leather sheath with belt loop .

It's a pretty special thing , I doubt there is another like it .
£250 delivered to your door .

Jun 25, 2013
Hi something has come up and I need some money very quickly , so in dropping the prices dramatically on this pair .
To be clear it's the skinning knife and the one pictured below with black handle and brass pummel .
£175 each delivered .



Full Member
Jul 29, 2007
mate ive seen a lot of knife porn over the years but your blades are right up there with the best ive seen,good luck with your sales mate,personally i think theyre £400 knives.

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