Up for a trade? "Winchester original"

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Feb 14, 2021
Hey, I've got here a winchester original hand made hunting knife with a leather sheath, i personally have never used it but it has had some use from previous owner. Looking to trade for some gil hibben throwers or any half decent throwing knifes out there.
I bought the knife last year from an outdoor market, I couldn't resist it was stunning to look at and even better to hold. After some searches on the web I couldn't find anything that came close to the model I have here.
Any questions or Inquiries don't hesitate to drop me a message :)

Ps. Not sure how to add photos, I can send them through email or WhatsApp?


Oct 6, 2003
Hi Camson456,
I am one of the moderators here. All new members' first few posts need to be manually approved before they appear on the forum. I approved this and moved it to the correct sub forum. Please read the rules for this area, along with the forum rules to do with Wanted, Classified and advertising. Those are usually the areas that new members fall afoul of when they are looking for things. (asking for a price on a non-sale thread hasn't been approved)

Until you have participated in enough threads to have cleared the manual approval stage you will not be able to send private messages. We advise making an introduction in the Introduction sub forum and finding a few threads that you are interested in to participate in. We have to approve five posts, if you make more than five before five get approved, they all go to the approval queue.

Posting photos, there are some How To threads, but basically you either need to use a photo hosting site like Imgur or Flikr, or have a paid membership that allows you to Attach photos directly. This is pretty common for forums. You can buy from people selling in the Classifieds without needing a paid membership, which isn't the case on Edge Matters.

Can you describe the knife you are offering for trade? This can be done by listing blade length, overall length, handle material, whether it has a guard (single, or double). Shape of guard. What shape the blade has, for instance, is it clip point or drop point. Its usually possible to find a photo somewhere on the net that one can link to even if you cannot add your own photo. Give enough info and someone else might be able to help ID the knife for you. :)

All the best


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