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Jan 6, 2017
Here There & Everywhere
Whilst out today I made myself the mother of all turkey rasher rolls (the whole pack in one bread roll - get in!).
And it got me thinking.
Because the pan I cooked the rashers in I have had for just about forever and it occurred to me that I must have cooked and eaten more meals prepared in that pan than anything else in my life.
It cost me all of £1.50 from Wilkos, God only knows when.
New kit has come and new kit has gone. But this little pan has been a constant, giving good, consistent, faithful, and unfailing service.
So let's hear it for those bits of kit that have been with us through thick and thin...



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May 17, 2011
Crusader mug silver version had it since they came out and never go camping without it. Cook in this one much more than any other


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Apr 16, 2009

A car packed for a few nights out at Bardsters, the ancient Vapalux was used my Dad in his early veterinary days to light cowsheds and barns when called out at night for a difficult calving or lambing. He often woke me to go with him, the experience is with me to this day. The lamp has obviously got through a few seals and mantles over time, but it runs brighter than my Tilley to this day. No idea it’s age, but it hissed away in our kitchen during the 1970s blackouts when I was 9.

That Husqy was bought in about 1989, and was my first chainsaw. It’s worked really hard over the years, so that’s not done too badly either. :)


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Jan 25, 2014
Cabin Fever Central
High Gear 'Hunter' cook set, been with me from new since 1998. [Kettle, Pot, Lid/Fry-pan]
Aluminium of course has fallen out of favour in recent times yet with the whole set weighing in at less than 250g makes it hard to part with.

Insel Affen

Aug 27, 2014
York, N Yorks
I bought a Melamine spoon in my first Term at Sandhurst from Tesco's in Camberley.

It's still going strong after 25 years, 5 Op tours and countless exercises...more miles than Mo Farah!