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Jun 8, 2017
I have the standard large golf umbrella and a few cheap minis.
I've just seen a brand called Blunt umbrella which looks superb. Does anyone have one, or recommend a decent windproof/storm proof brand?


Jun 24, 2011
North Yorks
I recently got a Lifeventure Trek Umbrella as below ......

No problems so far , appears sturdy and well built , does the job well .

I've got one of those too (though an older model). Really useful in Spring, Summer, Autumn when it's warm but there's a chance of rain ( when isn't there in the UK esp. Up here in the Pennines). In those conditions you don't want to be sticking a jacket on and a small trekking umbrella is just the job. Wouldn't ever use an umbrella again in windy/stormy weather though - wrecked some good quality umbrellas that way and to be honest, umbrellas are horrible to use in those conditions and a real hazard if you're up in the hills where gusts are common and powerful. Some folks have been daft enough to use them in this way and have learned the hard way.


Sep 6, 2011
I have a Fulton Storm shield umbrella and it has been used at camp and as a sail with the kayak ,and a canoe with two people in. It is bombproof.
Not as bulky as a golf brolly, its a metre tall and has a string on the carry bag to put over your shoulder. Last time I looked they were about £25.

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