Trousers and a Camelbak

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Jan 29, 2007
Northern Doghouse

Now that i no longer scream in peoples faces for a living, i find i have little use for these trousers and thought someone on here may appreciate the asthetic qualities of foreign camoflage. All pairs have been used, however, they are excellent used condition and have no rips or tears.

woodland cam BDU's but these are the lightweight cotton / nylon ripstop pattern, in medium short. Also got a pair in the same size but the heavier (winter) Polycotton twill. Yours for £12.50 SOLDper pair.

Genuine issue (as are the others) next generation BDU's (Battle Dress Uniform) called ACU (Army Combat Uniform) in Digi-cam. These are the newer type with FG (Foliage Green) shock cord closure in the cargo pockets, velcro'd knee panels to accept foam inserts (not included) and calf pockets. Again, medium-short in size. Yours for £15 SOLD

Finally, 3L Camelbak in desert cam. New and unused condition, just came without a rubber bite vale (Less than a fiver) so i'm asking £20 NOW SOLD

All prices include domestic postage, packing and Paypal fee's. First 'i want' get's the item. Thanks for looking.


Sep 27, 2007
Hi Jedadiah,
been swethering on the woodland cam trousers for a while.
Need to have a wee think though and see if I can fit them in around the christmas expenses.
If there gone there gone!
Will let you know.

Cheers Sap


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