Trek from Calander to the Crannog


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Apr 20, 2005
Durham City, County Durham
I've just watched Julia Bradbery doing one of her railway walks from Calander to Kilin on Loch Tay (twenty odd miles) and it looked brilliant. I can't do mountains any more (arthritic knees) and the relatively flat disused railway routes seem more doable for me these days.

I was thinking of doing it over a couple of days with an overnight camp along the way, and in some sort of period kit, using only period equipment and eating period food.

I was thinking it might be a good shake down experience to see if it works, then tackling one of the drover roads at a later date.

Cameron (my grandson) and I will be doing it early next year. Anybody care to join us? We could arrange it so we end up at the Crannog. I was thinking 17th/18th century trad Scottish kit but it's fluid and just at the ideas stage. Input and suggestions welcome.



Dec 15, 2005
I walked most of the route a couple of weeks ago Eric with the wife, cracking part of the country. I`d love to join you mate but I can`t bring myself to forfeit my modern clothes and comforts. It`s very steady walking so the knees should be up to it.

Don`t suppose you know if it`s on telly again do you Eric ?

Good luck with the trip