Trade : Buffalo Special Six up for swaps.

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Jan 30, 2010
Three Counties
Due to a misunderstanding, my Buffalo Special Six shirt remained unsold and is taking up space in my wardrobe. Before it goes back into the classifieds or onto Ebay, i thought i would check out to see if anyone has a Snugpak Stratosphere they wanted to trade for it as it's something i'm looking for and the retail values when new are roughly the same. The Special Six is green with 42 inch chest. 12 months old, it has only been worn twice and washed in Nikwax Techwash as recommended by Buffalo. It is in mint condition. I haven't used it much as i realised it was a little too large for me and i got myself another one with a 40 inch chest. No other swap offers please unless you've got a Dutch hooped bivi. Thanks.
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