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May 2, 2004
Great link Steve, full of useful content.

Andy, have you ever tracked/stalked before? What animals did you encounter or did you find what you set out to find?


Jun 3, 2004

Yes, been stalking before, though not that much. When not in the woods I practice on my dog which is actually pretty difficult... (Off course he doesn't know that i'm doing it) Succeded half of the times. When in the woods I once stalked a hare, but NOT for long cause it saw me after short time. :icon_surp

A real good game to learn stalking: you place a guy on a chair in the middle of an area. All the stalkers must be about 50 m. away from him and then begin stalking him. (He must have a bandage around his eyes!) If he hears a sound, he must point directly in that direction, from where the sound came! :hump: I read this from a book about the danish Navy seals...

More stalking games:
(I presume you know :chill:


Jan 13, 2004
Tracking is a fascinating skill, and I have been fortunate to work closely together with some very good African trackers during the past years. I also hope to get time to attend the course with Bearclaw Bushcraft early next year, but will have to find out something about "crashing" dates with my work.
Louis Liebenberg who amongst other things wrote a very good book (The Art of Tracking - The Origin of Science. ISBN 0-86486-293-8) has also taken the art of tracking to new dimentions in modern Nature Conservation with the development of the CyberTracker and appropriate software to use the system - I have seen it in use in South Africa for scientific management of game reserves. Information on the CyberTracker can be found here
I just checked some of my bookmarks for tracking, some of them are military orientated and not appropriate for this forum, but some of you might find these other links interesting:


May 2, 2004
Great links Tvividr! I'm just learning more about CyberTracker, having grown up in SA I hope to return at some point to work in conservation there. I will be assisting Ian Maxwell at the course in tracking with Bearclaw. I hope you can make it, I am interested in hearing about your work with African trackers!


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