Today's mystery object..........

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Came across this item today at work and can't fathom out what it is.

It is 7" long. I have deduced that you put something round (like a metal bar) into the end, pull the brass ring to the end to tighten up the metal bar then put the attached file into the slot and file away for some reason. I have tried to google it but not had much sucess with terms like "bamboo collet" "wooden collet" etc etc. It is bamboo by the way.

Good luck :)



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Mar 1, 2009
northern ireland
i wonder if it's some thing crazy like trueing up the end of a snooker cue or something, mind you the file looks a bit coarse for that.

interesting item though.


Jun 18, 2009
on the subject of "Mystery Objects" I wonder if anyone can identify this - the journalist calls it a strange "meaty" mushroom:

From an article on the Daily Mail Website

described by the reporter as:
'We can see there is something like a mouth; and on the other side there is a hole that connects all the way through to the other end. It is very smooth. It feels very much like meat.'

the answer: Daily Mail Website (potentially a little not worksafe)

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Sep 22, 2003
Great work guys. Now I know what it is for I have googled it and it is also for glueing on new tips and holding things steady until the glue sets. On closer inspection it looks like some kind of wood rather than bamboo.

Box wood. (no noticeable grain)