Tipi Stove for sale

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Sep 28, 2007
Ive got a Kni Co Alaskan tipi stove for sale. It is the model as per the pic, HOWEVER, MINE IS COVERED IN SURFACE RUST, nothing that a wire brush wouldnt sort out. Its got a slot on side shelf and chimmney, inc a damper in the first section of pipe. The chimmney pieces actually fit inside the stove.

As i say. mine is RUSTY but certainly no through rust. Ive had it lit in the garden a number of times and it draws superbly with no leaking smoke.

£120. That's not Inc postage as it ain't really postable, but insure it could be arranged. I will attempt to rid it of rust and give it a spray with high temp stove paint.

Would consider a trade for a Swazi Tahr medium or large. Or a good quality tent either North Face, Terra Nova, Hillberg
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May 4, 2009
Apologies, I'm not going to be able to collect, and can't afford the postage as well, so I'm dipping out. Sorry to mess you around.