Time to say Goodbye_from Abbe!

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Mar 6, 2006
North Lancashire
glad you decided to stay Abbe!
I think all virtual communities suffer episodes like this from time to time. Concern for those within the community and how the community is perceived from the outside often lead to restrictions but things got worse here because the software was confusing the wetware.... is it possible the make mod comments visible to all?


Feb 15, 2005
Silkstone, Blighty!
Good to know you are staying Abbe, and thanks to the Gods for the explanation, these things happen I suppose, I'm just glad it is known about now and that people are happy with it all.

As for self moderation, we're all big boys and girls. I know that I have personally posted things when I have seen something I disagreed with, especially when talk of sneaking into private woods to bushcraft comes up. If folk want to speak of such things, it should be done else where, and we as responsible members of this fine community should have the moral courage to post expressing our dissatisfaction at that sort of thing. If the Mods need to take the initiative, then we are failing in our role on the site. Self police the site and let's keep the place squeaky clean and friendly!


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Oct 13, 2004
Jon Pickett said:
Abbe........Roof, from what I see, looks ok for the time being, the biggest problem there looks like where the roofing sheets meet the chimney stack, there is no lead covering the upturns, so during prolonged rain you will get water travelling down the outside of the stack into the building, it needs lead flashing, chased into the stack and covering the upturns.
The stack itself looks ok, via the photo. The mortar looks strong, but someone has done a bodge up on the top right of the stack, probably to close off one of the holes, maybe it (the fire) wasn't drawing properly. It might be ok though, just looks messy.
Obviously, I am going by a photo and what I say might not be the case.
If you want any advise on anything building wise (externally), give me a shout mate. Been a builder for many years and used to be a roofer........
Just noticed, stack has some corrugated sheet on the top.........This is not normal, but if secure, should be ok.........
Roof looks good, I agree about the lead flashing. Looks like you have a loose brick though, left front, behind the upturns. Could just be a shadow though.
If you like I'll help out. Just food and lodging, should only take me...oh...3 months ;) .
Glad you've decided to stick around Abbe.


Need to contact Admin...
Apr 8, 2004
Sorry to see you go, I understand why you're leaving, I wish you all the best of luck in the future especially with the training of your new dog, let's hope he doesn't fall through any more ice holes. I have your website on my list of favourites.

May you and your family enjoy a long and happy life.

Kind regards


Angus Og

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Nov 6, 2004
Well I never commented on this thread so I'll keep it short, here we go. :rolleyes:

Abbe Osram said:
Dear Friends!

Today the time for me too has come to cut the sails and say Goodbye!
Sorry to hear this mate take care. :(

Abbe Osram said:
Hi guys,

I am not leaving!
Extremely please to hear this as well. :D


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Feb 26, 2006
im fairly new to this forum and im glad your staying because your photos, like others have said, are an insperation to us all, and you are living the life we are all dreaming of and a way of life with skills that are sadley disapearing. So through you we can learn/see how the skills we learn are put into a real life way of life, i hope this makes sense Abbe.