This should be a Great evening.

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Mar 1, 2009
northern ireland
been over many times for the TT and Manx GP since 1978 :) and stayed all over. if you want a bit of a school boy giggle, go to Union Mills and check out the name of the Rev. at the church on the corner, next to the village shop where the BeeGees used to live.


Aug 24, 2004
Devon, UK
Lucky you! I saw him at a similar thing a few years ago - a very inspiring man. I got the impression he wouldn't suffer fools gladly, but perhaps you can't when you're doing the sort of things he does. I've read his book Beyond the Limits: Lessons Learned from a Lifetime's Adventures. A really interesting angle on what these sorts of exploits can teach us about how to live, as opposed to the usual 'where we went and what we did' sort of book.