Information This forum is NOT for non-paying members to sell gear

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Jan 13, 2019
Moderator note.
Please familiarise yourself with the forum rules that you agreed to follow when you joined the forum.
This sub-forum is not for selling personal items, it is exclusively for the forum owner to announce official Group Buys and merchandise.
In order to offer personal items for sale on BushcraftUK you must be a paying member. This is fairly standard practice on internet forums. Its a benefit of paying towards the site and its maintenance.
This last is a tricky point. Your post is very close to asking for bids, which isn't permitted. People offering items for trade in the Swap Shop can ask for offers, but not of money. If you are selling, you need to state the price you want. You can state that you will accept "near offers", but you have to say what you want first. We have let people ask for opinions on value, but only when they have been very clear that they are not accepting offers or about to sell.
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