Sold Thermarest Dreamtime XL Sleeping Mat.

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Apr 6, 2010
Thermarest Dreamtime XL Sleeping Mat.

I’ve had this a few years but only used a couple of times. It has sat in my store cupboard for most of its life. I can’t really sleep on the floor now after shoulder surgery which is why it’s up for sale.

This is by far the most comfortable sleeping mat I’ve used. Very thick and soft. The cover can be removed for washing etc and it has a think foam section that sits on top of the self inflating mattress inside the cover.

I have inflated it and left over night to check valves etc… worked perfectly with no leakage.

These are discontinued now. Cost around £250 new when I got it.

I would like £160 all in please.

Any questions please ask.

Details / specs below:

Weight: 3.63kg

Dimensions: 76 x 196 x 9cm

Packed Size: 25 x 79cm

Luxurious 3-Layer System: Self-inflating mattress, foam pillow top and plush fleece cover.
Premium Comfort: Foam core offers premium stability, warmth and support.
Self-Inflating: Compressible foam core expands to inflate; add just a few breaths for your desired firmness.
Modular: Protective cover is removable/washable and interior mattress can be used separately. Mattress core is 2.5in thick with an R-Value of 6.
Connect Two: Integrated straps mate with another DreamTime mattress for double-wide luxury.
Stuff sack included
The Thermarest DreamTime is a tried and true favorite that is adored by many for its superior comfort, great stability and ease of inflation. On the outside, a machine washable cover features a soft, microfiber top that makes it easy to brush off pine needles and other debris while providing superior next-to-skin comfort. Inside, is an internal pillow topper with contour-hugging foam providing an additional inch of loft, and a 2.5-in thick self-inflating mattress core, providing the ultimate night's rest away from home.



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