Sold Therm-A-Rest Trail Comfort

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Jan 23, 2012
Afternoon Bushcrafters,

For sale is a Therm-a-rest Trail Comfort in regular size. It's a self-inflating pad with a twisty valve and mouthpiece to top up the fill/speed up inflation. Listed R value of 5.0:

I've had this for a good few years, but most recently used in a DD hammock as an underlayer rather than using an underquilt. Since switched to an Amok and thus had to go for a different design sleeping pad to work with its structure.

I've taken a video to show you the marks and condition of the pad. It's certainly used, but works very well indeed still.

You can just roll up the mat without folding it to carry on the outside of your pack, or fold and then roll and it'll then fit snugly inside a standard PLCE side pouch or inside your pack's main compartment.

I've switched the compression strap (as there's no storage sack) for one that I bought from Varusteleka - it's much better than the one in the video!

Asking £35, which includes delivery and fees.


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