Theresa Kampers new website - Tanning and Traditional Skills Courses and Leather Artefact Analysis

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White bear (Admin)
Apr 16, 2003
A callout for Theresa's new website. As many of you know Theresa comes to the BushMoot every year and shares her immense talents with us, she's amazing. She's gone live with a new website.please take the time to have a look at her courses and other info on the site.
Good luck with it Theresa!

DSC06796.jpg P8040064.jpg

With a PhD in experimental archaeology and over 25 years of experience in prehistoric skin tanning and clothing construction, Theresa is an internationally recognised traditional living skills specialist.

With expertise in organic material culture studies, replication, implementation and presentations, Theresa is both academically and commercially a leading global expert in:

Analysis of prehistoric and early historic leather artefacts
Determination of tannage technology
Construction sequence and object biographies based on macro and microscopic visual and behavioural characteristics
Species identification based on leather and hair characteristics (secondary expertise)

The website contains:

Details of private courses run by Theresa, including traditional tanning, whole animal processing, and a variety of prehistoric skills
Information on leather artefact analysis
Public presentations for both private and educational groups and open air museums
Custom leather and fur clothing commissions

Theresa is available for lectures, leather artefact analysis, museum presentations and exhibit consultations, alongside documentary appearances and private courses - globally.

She produces strict replicas of archaeological and ethnographic artefacts for museum exhibitions as well as custom clothing using only traditionally tanned skins and time period appropriate stitching materials.

Theresa is also the author of ‘Determining Prehistoric Skin Processing Technologies: the macro and microscopic characteristics of experimental samples’ available from Sidestone Press. She has appeared as a traditional living skills and clothing specialist in numerous documentaries for Channel 4, Arte, Galileo, Al Jazeera, SVT Sweden and NDR Fernsehen.


Full Member
Sep 4, 2009
uk mainly in the Midlands though
I have done a masterclass on basic brain tanning and for what little time we had, a lot information and practical, but I learnt so much and the notes we were given had so much more reading to do. It was some of here thesis work. But in way that I understood it.

I have tried to do 2 badgers and a fox since, I had partial success unfortunately the tanning part work I think but I stored them wrong and then they went off. I would note that the animals were road kill. I have not tried to do any for quite some time. I have ordered her book and once I have read it and may try and get on a course to get extra instruction before trying it again.


Jan 19, 2004
Agreed, she is very talented.

Watch out for her coming to a TV near you soon!
No details yet but she was one of a team of experts living Paleo style for a month.
looks like it will be a good watch.


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