The clear out continues! Titanium pots, superfly tarp, GoLite Jam2 and more...

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May 31, 2008
As the title says, i'm downsizing my gear cupboard, and financing some upgrades, so this lot is up for grabs.

All prices include Paypal fees and Post & packaging.

Any sharps to over 18's only please.

Any questions, please ask, Thanks for looking.

Prices dropped to go...

Stu Barker Thumbknife.
For sale: (was £30) NOW £25[/B][/SIZE]


Here is a handmade Thumbknife made by Stu barker, based on the WWII thumb or lapel knives used by the OSS/SOE. It's made from 3.5mm CPM3V steel with a blackened finish and camo lanyard. No sheath & has seen very light use. Over 18's only please.[/SIZE]

Drinksafe Waterstraw, unused. [/SIZE]For sale: (was £24) SOLD[/SIZE][/B]



The lightest proven personal protection device in the world, use store and re-use again and again. Easy use from river,stream, puddle and even iced water.

Water delivery method: Direct via mouth
Delivery Rate: 300+ ml minute
Dimensions: 19.55 X 2.0 cm
Water Delivery / Filter Life expectancy: Up to 700 litres
Total system Weight: 40g

More info:

UK Hammocks, Woodsman Midge Hammock. SOLD: £80






A custom built hammock, that is now discontinued. Basically it was "almost" identical to the Warbonnet blackbird hammock, this one differs by having a bug net that can be zipped away completely into a storage pouch, and has no built in storage shelf!. It is made from black 1.7 ripstop nylon (I know the pics are green, but these were off UK hammocks site at the time. Same model without so many underquilt loops down the side, and in black). If you have ever wondered why people rave about the asym lay and footbox of the blackbird (this is the same), it is just so comfy and flat compared to other hammocks.

This hammock has been very well looked after and has only been used a dozen times. It comes with amsteel whoopies attached and stored in a custom made bishop bag for easy deployment.

A great blackbird "clone" hammock made in the UK.

2 x
Clingons™. SOLD: £2


Simple and easy to fit, these hard wearing, reusable clips instantly create a strong securing point, or eyelet, on any type of tarpaulin, canvas and synthetic sheet material, wherever you want, in seconds – no tools required, no damage to the material. Tested to support over 100kg,

White box stove. SOLD: £15



Used on one trip only. Selling because I want a smaller version!

A fantastic tough, light and very efficient meths stove measuring 60mm in diameter and 55mm high. It acts as both pot support and cooker and comes supplied with a light, soft aluminum heat reflector and windshield. The Duo burns for approx 
20 mins.

It has 18 jets are just below the rim of the cooker which means the spread of the flames is slightly wider then you might think. This makes the cooker perfect when combined with pots of 90mm diameter or more.

This stove is tough, light and small. It easily fits inside a small mug along with the windshield and heat reflector. It is ideal for someone looking for a good reliable meths cooking system to replace a heavy Trangia.

Stove weighs 30gms

More info at:

youtube review:

Sea to summit delta bowl, never used. SOLD: £5


A lightweight, 6.5” diameter bowl made from durable, odor resistant, BPA-free food-grade Nylon 66. The bowl features the patented Protex™ hex pattern base which reduces weight and lessens the surface temperature so they can be held comfortably with hot foods or liquids inside.

More info:

TI Folding Spork.
SOLD: £4



Once you've used a spork you'll never look back (unless you’re John Fenna and hate the things :))

Sometimes sporks are awkward to fit in your brew kit, but this folding one packs up very small. Weighing just 19g they fold down from 165mm to 95mm, which means they will disappear into a standard mug.

More info:

Warbonnet Superfly tarp.
SPF: £75





A fantastic tarp for all seasons, it has seen a little use, but shows no signs of wear & tear, fantastic condition and a bargain at the above price. Comes with 4 home made guyline tensioners and a set of snakeskins and double ended storage bag.

The tarp is made with caternary-cut edges to achieve a tighter pitch.

This silnylon tarp is slate/olive grey (dark grey with a slight green tint), which makes for a very stealthy shelter in most forest environments.

It also comes standard with 4 panel pulls. Panel pulls (unlike corner pulls) are located in the middle of the tarp body or panel. Since you pitch a large tarp in a somewhat steep A-frame for wind protection, the sides can be pushed inward quite a bit if hit broadside by heavy wind. A large tarp can actually be pushed in contact with the hammock fairly easily in even moderate wind, something you don’t want. The panel pulls add comforting stability in windy conditions and are greatly appreciated when needed.

More info:

Gransfors Original Axe Stone.
SOLD: £20


Used once and perfectly flat, this, the original Gransfors Axe Stone, comes highly recommended by uncle Ray for sharpening knives as well as sharpening axes.
It is a double-sided circular stone which has both a coarse and fine side, allowing you to sharpen your axe to a razor-sharp edge. 

It comes encased in durable rubber, helping to keep it in place when in use, while the stone is round and flat with a bevelled edge to prevent chipping.
  • Grain size on coarse side: 180
  • Grain size on fine side: 600
  • Diameter of stone: 57 mm
  • Total weight: 160 g
More info:

Ray Mears Fire Stick.
SOLD: £7


Only used a few times & embossed with the Ray Mears Logo, this fire steel has been designed for use with the back of your knife, or the attached striker.

More info:

Snugpak, Meraklon thermal sleeping bag liner.
SOLD: £18

Used once. This fleece bag liner from Snugpakis ideal for when your sleeping bag isn't quite warm enough, or you just want a summer sleeping bag. The brushed fleece inner face provides a warm snug layer next to the skin, boosting your bags rating by up to 1 season.

L Sea to Summit eVENT Compression Drysack.
SOLD: £15


XL Sea to Summit eVENT Compression Drysack. SOLD: £20


Both seen little use. Made out of eVENT fabric, which is totally waterproof and really actually breathable (you can feel the air coming out!) allowing you to squish the air out and keep water out.

Lge - 20 Litre compresses to 6.7 Litre - 23cm diameter x 50cm height - Weight 138g
XLge - 30 Litre compresses to 10 Litre - 27cm diameter x 58cm height - Weight 210g

More info:

Bahco Laplander Folding Saw.
SOLD: £10


I bought this to replace one I lost, used it once, then found the original! So this has been used once. Like new.

Golite Jam 2, 2010 model.
SOLD: £70

Colour: Coriander. Size: Large

I’ve had this pack for about a year. It has seen light use and never carried great weights. It has a couple of dirt marks on it, but you would have to look very closely to see. This pack looks like new. Stitching is all good 7 shows no signs of pulling or fraying at all.

This pack has been slightly modified by me! I have added two adjustable loops to the bottom of the pack, to allow the secure carrying of an external sleeping back or roll mat. The straps have been machined in and run through the entire bottom of the pack. All stitching was done with guttermans high strength thread and sealed with silicone seam sealer afterwards. I’m quite proud of this mod actually and has made the pack far more versatile. I bet my stitching will outlast the rest of the bag :)






  • It has the new Double-Wishbone™ hipbelt connection which transfers weight efficiently to the hips and features quick-access zippered stretch pockets.
  • High-void meshes on back panel, hipbelt and shoulder harness move moisture quickly and promote rapid drying. Removable closed cell foam back pad, new larger front pocket organizes bulky gear. Two side stretch pockets hold 1L bottles + trekking poles.
  • Side compression straps with quick release buckles convert to front attachment system for sleeping pads, snowboards, snowshoes, etc.
  • Twin ice axe loops and handle straps
  • Cinch & roll-top closure system with top compression strap
  • Internal stretch woven hydration sleeve with righty and lefty hydration tube ports
  • Adjustable sternum strap with whistle
Pack Specification:
Volume: 50 litres
Hydration: 3 Litre Hydration Compatible, Reservoir not included

Tier 1 Recycled 210 Denier Nylon Gridstop + Dyneema®; Tier 1 Recycled 210 Denier Nylon Double Ripstop; High-Void Polyester Mesh
Weight: 879g
Fabric: Dyneema

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May 31, 2008
Spork please buddy :)

Can you PM me the usual

What ya been buying? Tell me, tell me

It's yours mate :)

Bought the OHM 2.0 And a 3 season TQ from Mat.

Also talking to Adam (HG) about a Cuben "Superfly" sized tarp :) That winter palace he does is just too long in the sides, with too many tie outs.


Dec 15, 2005
It's yours mate :)

Bought the OHM 2.0 And a 3 season TQ from Mat.

Also talking to Adam (HG) about a Cuben "Superfly" sized tarp :) That winter palace he does is just too long in the sides, with too many tie outs.

Ooooooh nice :)

Lucy won't let you play out with me again I bet

Cuben superfly envy here


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May 31, 2008
Ooooooh nice :)

Lucy won't let you play out with me again I bet

Cuben superfly envy here

Lucy found my "hidden" OHM, but hasn't said a word yet. i think she is just resigned to it now, either that or i'll have to play out to escape the deafening silence that might follow :)

Don't worry, your tarp will still be lighter than mine though ;)


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May 31, 2008
Jam2, Superfly, Laplander, Liner, Spork, Large e-vent & Fire stick all Sold Pending Funds.

Would be prepared to reduce postage if someone bought the Titanium pot & cup together :)
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Hultafors Outdoor knife for Sale

We have a a number of Hultafors Outdoor Knives with Firesteels for sale.

You can see more details here in this thread OUTDOOR KNIVES The price is £27 posted to the UK. Pay via the paypal button below.