Tesco bags? (Not the plastic kind :P)

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Feb 10, 2013
Hi all

Been having a look at the sleeping bags offered by tesco direct, out of curiosity as much as anything else. Some of their bags CLAIM comfort ratings that I'm used to seeing on expensive (£80+) 3 season bags (one even says its extreme rating is -18 C, not sure I'd want to put that to the test!!!) but they're all dirt, dirt cheap.

What's going on? Anybody got any experience with bags from the big T?

No affiliation to tesco btw, unless clubcard membership counts :lmao:


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Jan 31, 2005
In theory you can make a cheap bag thats as warm as an expensive one, but it will be heavier, bulkier and may not have all the nice features that make others nicer to use like box wall construction to elliminate cold spots. For car camping great, but to carry a pain in the posterier.


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Sep 18, 2008
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I've got a couple of -11 tesco bags. There not bad as a 3 season bag but big and heavy. One of them is that big my large size issue arctic bag fits inside it. At one point I used two together with a bivvy bag and they were superb, toasty warm in really cold temps but you need a van and a fork lift truck to transport them lol