Tatonka Tarp - Guy attachment points ?

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Hi guys,

Just opened up my Tatonka 4 Tarp to check it out... Jeez it's a big'un!

A bit confused over the attachment points though!
I thought there would be loops, but I just have small "tabs" which are about 10 cm long, and over hang the edge by 1cm.

I can't see how to attach anything to these... have I got a faulty one?
( However, looking at the image below it seems right)

Blurb is:
  • Guy attachment points: 12
  • Eyes: 4

Am I just being a bit dense... :eek:

Cheers :D


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Aug 15, 2005
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My 2TC has loops in the corners and the tabs you describe along the sides. If you look closely at the tabs though, they should have a button-hole like slot in the middle of them for a pole spike to go through or tie a guy to.
Let me investigate... i looked to see if there was any holes to slot things through / in... didn't see any..

I'll put my specs on!

Ahh, i see them!
Jeez they are small... for such a big thing they make them small.
Hope you're right about their strength, look piddly :)

Cheers guys :You_Rock_


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I had my concerns about them too but so far with a lot of use they have held up well. My only complaint is that I felt there should have been tabs int eh middle of the 4m sides so you could pitch the tarp so it was 3m along the ridge if you wanted. I've added my own now so it is not a problem any more ;)


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At least you noticed when you opened it. I only noticed when I went to pitch it that way :rolleyes:

Adding the tabs was no real problem. I just used a loop of webbing and stitched it along the seem. I added a small half circle or reinforcement tot he tart at the same point to. Once finished I treated the area with seem sealant and waterproofing spray but really just as I has some around. i would not have bought it for such a small spot on the edge.

What I did find though was it was closer to 2.8m long on its "3m" side. This made it a little short to use over the hammock. I would be interested to hear what yours measures. I also think it was longer than the 4m on the longer side.