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Jun 21, 2005
North London

You've got so much experience to share and I've got so much to learn yet - no one wants to see you go. Leave slowly and come back quickly, but safe journey either way.



Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Aug 29, 2003

I'll miss you mate. I'm glad we met on that course all that time ago. Did you get the piccies I e-mailed you? If not get in touch and I'll put 'em on a disk and post them to you.

Take care now.



Full Member
Nov 17, 2003
Michigan, USA
Hi Fallow Way,
In general, I can understand why you want to leave. Over the years, I've left several forums that I was a regular on. It happens. Sometimes it's the little things that can wear you down.

I think this should be a wakeup call for everyone who participates in forums. Forums live and die on the level of social interactions. I know everyone THINKS this is a forum about bushcraft and while that may be true in principal, all forums are forums of social interaction. People come here to be appreciated and to be listened to, as well as to learn and listen to others. People make friends here. They want more than just to learn the knowledge of bushcraft. And good forums are all about the art of conversation and the art of appreciating others, no matter what they contribute. And good conversation is one of the most challenging things to do on the internet because people often tend to say things they normally might not say in face-to-face conversations. It's easy to lapse into the "brutal honesty" mode. People often don't know how to "agree to disagree" and there often seems to be a compelling need to throw a stone at every barking dog. But this only creates a hostile environment and drives people away. Forums live and die by the social interactions of their members, not by who's right or who's wrong or who's the most clever. If you can make others feel appreciated, they will appreicate you as well, no matter how large or small your contributions may be. Over the years I've learned that if someone doesn't like what I post, I chalk it up to just another speed bump on the internet highway. As they say, you can't please everyone so there's no use in trying. Just do the right thing by others and roll with the punches.

British Red

M.A.B (Mad About Bushcraft)
Dec 30, 2005
That is is one of the most errudite posts I have read in a long time - note to self - think about Hoodoos post before reacting to something on a forum!

I too have walked away from forums in the past - as Hoodoo said, sometimes its gets more hassle than pleasure, then its time to go. If we want a vibrant and lively forum, it is important that we can all engage with each other and embrace the differences between us as much as the similarities. I don't know anything about the specifics of this thread (and its none of my business), but I do find the breadth of experience on BCUK to be its biggest asset - so for me a diversity of people is the key.

Sorry to see anyone leave FW, but thanks for the pointer Hoodoo (have a rep point)



May 5, 2005
jdlenton said:
noli illegitimi carborundum :D


You forgot to conjugate the verb (In my best Monty Python accent)

Now write out 100 times...

"Ne illegitimi carbunculi tibi in facie sint"


Sep 4, 2005
Stroud, Gloucestershire
Hi Fallow
I havn't been following the threads involved, so can't comment on the content.
It's the two edged sword of this means of communication that we can say what we like without looking the recipient in the eyes. Not that I'm implying that anything's been said that wouldn't have been said face to face, just that without the body language that backs it up, statements can seem really blunt.
This is the first forum I've ever joined and I've been really impressed by the generosity and openness of the people who contribute. In any situation where people exchange ideas, there will be disagreements, but I for one, would think it a loss if you left, an empty seat around the table, as it were. If you really feel that you need to back off, then blessings upon your road. I hope that you will return in your own time, and not too long from now.

Jan 11, 2006
Nemisis said:
Hi FW hey us midlanders are in a minority here you can't leave otherwise another year we'll all be typing in welsh.
nobody in wales can speak welsh it just woudnt work :D

fw i know exactly how you feel, i was on my 4th post on song of the paddle when i got greif, so ive nocked that place on the head its a pity people think they can say what they want on the net with no repucutions. belive me it woudnt happen face to face(i offered the guy my adress to repeat what he said in person) and its frustrating.like you said about being a ranger im a tree surgeon wich is what got the negative response on S.O.T.P.
as said before its allways going to happen 100% guaranteed you post enough you leave yourself open its somthing you have to live with.
you just need to decide when it gets to the point of not being worth the effort wich for me at least was rather quick i,d put a lot more effort in to staying on bcuk
i was amazed when i met people from bcuk how consistantly normal and real they were i was expecting at least one dweeb or space cadet
i recommend you reconsider (*** is a reputation point when its at home ???)
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