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Feb 10, 2013
Hi all

Currently trying to plan out a two week camping/backpacking holiday in Switzerland in the last/first weeks of June/July. Right now all we have is 2-3 nights in Geneva (in a hotel - this is the "relaxing" part of the holiday) at the beginning, and flying out of Zurich at the end.

From the limited research I've done so far, wild camping etc isn't encouraged, and I'm going with the Mrs so we won't be venturing far from the beaten path anyway. That means we'll be staying at organised campsites the whole time.

The question I leave open to you all is: any advice on which ones? Any nice ones you've been to, any giveaway signs to avoid? Is there anywhere that wild camping would be permissible (other than emergency stop?)

I also have some important questions:

  • Is booking in advance heavily advised, or is it fairly easy to just turn up to a campsite on the day (even in peak times?) I'd rather be as flexible as possible, perhaps spending the day walking from one site to another?
  • FUEL AVAILABILITY - Originally I thought "Oh yeah I'll take my trangia and we're sorted", but I read a thread a while ago about fuel availability overseas and it looked like meths are not commonly used for camping in Europe. But I couldn't find any mention of Switzerland specifically. Anybody know how easy it is to get hold of some meth-spirits in Switz, and if it's impossible then what is a good fuel alternative for that country?

We're aiming to spend most of our time split between the Bern/Oberland regions (in particular the Lauterbrunnen valley) and the eastern/Graubunden (Going to try to get into the National Park), so if anybody's familiar with those areas speak up! :D

Any advice/comments appreciated! Thank you!


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May 29, 2011
Take a look at coolcamping.co.uk They have some listed in Switzerland I think. I'm coming back through Switzerland from lake Garda at the same time, and we're looking for suitable basic sites as well. I'll be in my campervan and I'll be doing some nights away from the madding crowds methinks.