Swiss Army Volcano Cooker

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Chris G

Mar 23, 2007
Ok, so Simon M mentioned these ages ago in this thread;

I fancied one of these so I emailed and rang the people I believe are the only UK retail supplier of them the other day. They've run out and can't get hold of any more so have effectively stopped seling them. Then I found another supplier ( but unfortunatly they only deal with trade sales.

Anyway I'm pleased to say that EAS have confirmed that they are willing to do a group buy deal for BushcraftUK. Exact details are still to be confirmed but roughly speaking we need to order a minimum of 12 and the cost will be about £5 each. Having spoken to the supplier there is no way that you are going to be able to get them for this price from other traders when he sells them on.

So would anyone be interested in buying one?

Also EAS have said that if you want to buy anything else from their catalogue that they can also roll this into the purchase. As for numbers of anything else I'll have to speak to them when I know what you are looking to buy.

Usual disclaimers - I have no ties to EAS.


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Jan 24, 2008
Norwich UK
I have used them before and the only thing I found it good for was for boiling the water. I found the cup/pot a bit narrow for stiring a good meal. Still a great back up lightweight kit. I use to take it out with its bottle full of water and then simple brew up when I needed it.