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White bear (Admin)
Apr 16, 2003
Anyone using the Swap shop will be deemed to have read these rules and regs.

All the normal Bushcraft Rules apply as found here

The Swap Shop is for all members of Bushcraft UK to use, no money is allowed to change hands, the idea is that you put up an item or items that you are willing to swap, anyone interested can offer something of theirs to swap with you.

There’s not going to be any hard and fast rules on the value of items etc, you’re all grown up people and you can sort things out for yourselves. The bottom line though is that you’re expected to be honest and upfront in all your dealings.

Note: The forum is for non commercial sales. Sales by makers, traders, retailers etc are not allowed.

It is your responsibility to make sure that anything you post for trade confirms to UK or international laws. For some items such as knives the UK has some of the strictest laws in the world, please make sure you are legal in all aspects. The trade forum exists for your benefit, please use it responsibly.

Some guidelines that might help things run smoothly:


• Make sure your items for trading confirm to UK and International laws.
• Include a full description including condition of the items, be honest, do not say A1 if it's not.
• If possible, attach an *actual* picture of the item, or alternatively a promotional picture or link.
• State clearly any item that you specifically want to trade for.
• Decide between yourselves how you would like t exchange items.
• To avoid confusion, mark your item as *SWAPPED* as soon as the exchange is complete.
• Bushcaft UK cannot help you recover goods if the trade does not go smoothly.


• If you have a firm interest in an item, email or PM the seller directly.
• Ask for clarification if needed.
• It's your responsibility to satisfy yourself that the trade is legitimate.
• Bushcraft UK cannot help you recover goods if the trade does not go smoothly.

Uti, non abuti - To use, not abuse
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