Survival Bracelet

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Haven't posted much here so I thought I'd show this survival bracelet I made recently following the Paracordist's tutorial and patterned after his "Best Survival Bracelet". Woodland camo paracord with jute twine woven through and a ferro rod toggle. I didn't have anything for a scraper but am pretty sure I could improvise one if needed. It's surprising when you drill through the ferro rod that it doesn't spark at all compared to when you saw through it. Anyway, here are some pics.




Also made these "fids" that make weaving the cordage so much easier. They are brass tubing with one end crimped and filed to a blunt point with threads tapped into the other end to accept the cordage.


Ed Edwards

Full Member
Dec 17, 2012
Liking the ferro rod idea there. Maybe you could incorporate a striker in the form of a small plate type thing, like an 'edged' button that's held in the centre with the twine (if that makes sense?).

Nice bracelet :). Can one use knitting needles (have loads of those) instead of the "fids" ?

The trouble with the knitting needles is that they have no way of attaching the paracord to the ends. I suppose if you were able to cut them short, drill and tap them they would work but that seems to be a bit of work. Another option I have seen is to use the aluminum posts made for photo albums which are already threaded and just need the post end to be cut and sharpened. Here is a tutorial -

Is it difficult to use such a short ferro rod effectively? Have you tried it yet?
I haven't tried it yet but here is the Paracordist's video showing his survival bracelet with the short ferro rod in use. It's around the five minute mark.


Jan 11, 2012
Thanks. I always wondered how user friendly they might be. It looks like it might need some practice, but very effective :)
Jan 25, 2013
I love that, it's beautiful. Really simple and stylish. I'd never heard of a survival bracelet until today (it's true, you do learn something new everyday!) but I absolutely love the idea!
I really want to make my own now. Was it difficult? How long did it take you?
Mar 2, 2013
Basildon, Essex
There's some nice work on this site. Glad I stumbled across it! I think I'll make myself a couple of those fids that moa_shooter has posted the image of. I might make some custom sizes as I use different diameters of cord. I'll post some pictures of the stuff I do in another thread. Thanks guys!

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