Summer hats - styles and options

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Jul 14, 2008
There's a lot of love for Tilley hats usually but having now owned one I don't rate them. Are the nylon ones any better than heavy feeling cotton ones? The brim is a bit too floppy and shapeless IMHO.

I own a North Face IIRC a v brimmer wide brimmed, mesh lined crown and vents around the crown. The brim is meant to be floppy as part of the design. It's solely about function in hot and sunny regions. Cool, light and comfortable. The brim of my Tilley is not really that more stiff than that other brimmed hat. It's not as comfortable to wear. I'm actually not a fan of cotton in outdoors clothing even hats.

So is there a better brimmed hat out there? Anyone seen or tried the Sunday Afternoons hat range out? They look good on the screen and photos.

Robson Valley

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Nov 24, 2014
McBride, BC
Wait until it's +45 C in the shade. The last thing you need is a leather hat.
+47 C in the shade here at my place one afternoon. -34C another day.

I'll go back to the golf pro shop at any 18 hole respectable course. They have sun hats. Agreed?
I want a nice cowboy straw. A good one.
The best get snapped up so fast at the outfitters that I've just about given up.

tiger stacker

Dec 30, 2009
Have a nosey for the trusty panama hat, failing that there sombero style floppy hats. The army issue you one with a velcro neck shield, mostly trimmed down to avoid the mushroom look.
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