Stropping supplies?

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Mar 24, 2011
You can use a normal leather belt and Autosol from Halfords

yep, do that. Simple, easy and cheap. If you do want a wider bigger strop get a rectangluarl sheet of 3-4mm veg tan from an ebay seller. I got a 12" x 4" strip for about £5 I use on big stuff and I loaded it with autosol, got a tube of that from ebay for £5 and it'll last years.


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Dec 24, 2010
I recently got the leather and finer of the two compounds from Nic Westermann. Fella makes damn fine tools and the stropping gear works very well indeed.

EDIT: just to say that the white compound I got from Nic is really, really fine and I've been using it after the Starkie blue to achieve an even finer edge. Works great on my spoon knives and carvers! :)
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Mar 21, 2011
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Hope its OK to respond about the postage charge on my site. To simplify things on my site I have a flat rate of £4.95 . I admit that if you buy a single piece of Leather you don't get a very good deal, but as postage of smaller packages is calculated as much by the thickness of the package than by weight posting stropping compounds is actually more expensive that posting most of the blades I make, which is my living now. I only added the sharpening side of my website as customers were asking how to maintain the edges on blades they had bought, so put up the products I actually use.

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