Stone Age bits and pieces...

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John Fenna

Lifetime Member & Maker
Oct 7, 2006
And now a "Glue Pot" rock for making my Pine Resin/Beeswax/Charcoal Dust hot glue.
The rock is a hardish Sandstone from Amroth beach hand carved with hammer and chisel. I then made up a (rather large!) batch of glue to season the rock ... I rather over did it!
The work was done in my workshop/garage and the rock heated on a camping gas burner as the weather outside was cold and wet... the photos aint good but you will get the idea!
I ended up with some ready to use glue, a glue brush (crushed Hazel twig) and a sealed Glue Pot Rock.DSCI0003.JPGDSCI0007.JPGDSCI0008.JPGDSCI0009.JPGDSCI0010.JPGDSCI0011.JPG


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