StarCocoon Hammock Sleepng Bag".

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korvin karbon

Jul 12, 2008
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If I remeber it correctly.
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Nov 4, 2008
And any further comments/ feedback from those lucky enough to receive one for Xmas? Did you manage to get out and test the cocoon?

Greetings, by the way


Feb 25, 2007
Fantastic news, I can get one for me birthday then!!! I trust they work well with any make of "lightweight" hammock?




Full Member
Nov 6, 2008
Yep I want one and i don't even have a hammock ....yet.

Please get in touch with payment details for the MK II.



Dec 3, 2008
Bruxelles, Belgium
I will start a 2nd Group But when the remainder of the first lot has gone. End of the month, hopefully.
Ian, I've read and re-read this thread and the review so many times and the only doubt I had was about the zip - which could be a safety question, but then you wrote:
Good news, the stitching down side of zip, to stop it fouling, will be done to all 15 Coccoons.

Well, I am awaiting a delivery from DD Hammocks next week for my travel hammock, tarp etc. etc. and all that is missing is my cocoon - well? Is there a package waiting to be posted to me? I have to top up my paypal account tomorrow and then it's up to you - give me the word!:)

(I'm in Belgium - will that change the price i.e. the P&P?)


On a new journey
Jun 14, 2005
Yorkshire/Lancs Border
Sorry, there are none spare. The Coccoons are paid for before they are ordered. The MK 2 will have a small pocket on inside to put watch, glasses etc in. It will also have the extra stitching down each side of zip. Thank you for your interest.

In Wood

Oct 15, 2006
Leyland, Lancashire.
Hi Ian

The guy I sent the prototype to, has he done a review yet. I would be interested in his thoughts.

See you end of the month mate.

DOH! Should have checked the review section first.


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Feb 3, 2008
Hi folks ,It's feedback time.
I used mycocoon on this months Welsh Meet at cowbridge for two nights,the weather was wet,very wet,in fact it hammered down both nights.It wasn't too cold,but more of that later.
First the pros, It was very easy to set up with the hammock.I wanted to do things the most difficult way to see how it performed from taking out of the rucksack to me getting into it.
So, I erected the tarp(DD 3X3m) and then put up the hammock (a DD travel hammock,latest version),The hammock was put up upside down so the mossie net was underneath as there werent any mossies about and by dark all the flies had gone to bed.
Pulling the cocoon from the stuffsack and threading it onto one arm so it didn't touch the ground I then opened one carabiner (the hammock was left slack to allow this) and fed the cocoon onto the hammock.
After re-attaching the carabiner and tensioning the hammock I fixed one end of the cocoon to the carabiner holding the hammock and pulled the cocoon to the other end and fixed the end into the other carabiner.The first thing I noticed was how much of the cocoon sagged under the hammock,it seemed an awful lot and later in the night proved to be a problem.Also the ends of the cocoon were very close to being outside the tarp,this was easily cured by tying a loop of paracord to the cocoon loops and then adjusting the length of the loop to allow the cocoon to drop back under the tarp,unfortunately this caused more sagging in the centre of the cocoon.The cocoon is 10 feet long and the tarp is 3m long this is why the cocoon is so close to the ends of the tarp.
All these set backs are easily cured,which I'll get to later
Getting into and out of the cocoon is the same as getting in and out of an empty hammock(no sleeping bag) once inside I pulled up the zip and lay back and pulled down the other half of the two way zip so that I had a gap above my face,the gap can be positioned anywhere by moving the zips.The topside of the cocoon was just above me down as far as my knees where it was resting but by no means tight and resting on my forehead ,again not tightly.The under side of the cocoon was hanging about 8-10 inches below the hammock,This is where I found a problem,When sleeping the hammock is very warm (I was wearing lightweight trousers a "T" shirt and thick socks) and comfortable,Until I turned over.This is when all the cold air sitting in the sagging part of the hammock rushes up over the top of you.This is quite a shock in a half asleep state.
I think the way to cure this is to elasticate the inside of the lower part of the cocoon so that it is lifted up to contact the hammock without compressing the filling thereby removing the air gap beneath the hammock.Alternatively velcro fixed to the hammock and the cocoon will also cure this (but this is a home mod as all hammocks are different).
I read the reveiw where In Wood said a ridge line in the cocoon would lift the top and give more room inside and consisered this but decided thay by lifting the cocoon above myself it would also lift the lower part and move the cold spot to above me.
So in conclusion another winner.I will be modifiying mine as follows:

1, make shrouds to fit over the ends of the cocoon an hammock tstop wind blown rain wetting the cocoon.

2,fit elastic to the inside of the lower part of the hammock to prevent sagging and cold spots.

3, get another stuffsack so that hammock and cocoon can remain assembled all the time.

Thank You Ian for another excellent product.

It's extremely well made and easy to use.The modifications I have described are just my personal opinion and may (probably) not be suitable or neccessary for others.

It is also possible that I have not set it up correctly so please treat this feedback as one mans opinion and not as any form of criticism.


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Feb 8, 2006
Thanks for the review sapper1, I sleep cold so any advise is usefull in advance.

Any news on delivery times yet Ian? If its as cosy as they say then im going to be needing it soon.


Dec 3, 2008
Bruxelles, Belgium
Thanks Sapper - you have the same kit as I have so your review interested me greatly.

I read the reveiw where In Wood said a ridge line in the cocoon would lift the top and give more room inside and consisered this but decided thay by lifting the cocoon above myself it would also lift the lower part and move the cold spot to above me.
I don't think it would be cold anymore - the cold spot was cold because it was under you and could not be heated by your body heat. I think the ridge line would do the trick. Previous reviews have pointed out that being too warm is the more likely problem, not being too cold, The ridge line would produce more room above making it less claustrophobic and not excessively warm. In theory at least.

Can you try it out as a bivouac on the ground, Sapper? I'm interested in how well the crushed underside insulates from underneath.

BTW. I'm not waiting for delivery - I'm still waiting to be able to order!


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Feb 3, 2008
I can tell you without trying it.I wont provide any insulation at all,once the fibres are flat the insulation properties are gone.It should be okay if you use an insulating mat under you though.
A ridgeline inside would lift the cocoon and then I could let the ends of it lower into the tarp this should cure the problem of the cocoon getting wet on the ends.I'll try it and let you know.
You won't go wrong with these they're brilliant.