Stainless steel blow pokers

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Jan 21, 2005
S. Lanarkshire
Handy wee things, they allow you to get extra air into a hobo or folding stove, or a small fire, to help it really get going. To blow up a fire from embers too.
Home Bargains, six 30cm long ones for £1.59 this morning :)
Three straight, three bent, which are handy for making sure you use the same end in the ashes each time :)
Came with two long brushes for cleaning them if used as straws too. Useful for getting into awkward places to clean.....I know, I'm a housewife :rolleyes3:


Mar 11, 2004
I've used telescopic back scratcher or forks from B and M/ Homebargins. Just remove the fork part and the rubber handle and they are good to go. Rubber handle gives you a wee cover to keep the mouth end clean.
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