Spoons, spoons and more spoons!

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Jan 23, 2009
I got my hands on a decent sycamore log recently (courtesy of the Council's parks department). My favourite pastime is converting logs into massive piles of wood shavings on my pole lathe. As a by product of this I ended up with quite a few spoons.

The largest spoon is two foot long, and the smallest a mere ten inches. They are all the same style, right handers with a bottom scraping edge - I make them this way because it is a style that I like to use myself (even though I have more spoons than I know what to do with)

The spoons are made by splitting a flattish section of log, then using a drawknife to shape it into a roughly paddle shaped blank, which is then mounted between the centres of my pole lathe. Then I can turn the handle and shoulders of the spoon, before finishing up the shaping of the business end with drawknife, spokeshave, hooked knife and scrapers. The aim is to produce something similar to shop bought wooden spoons, but nicer (and bigger!)

Thanks for looking.