South Wales man abducted by aliens.....

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Justin Time

Aug 19, 2003
South Wales
Ah Chris, thanks for reminding me of my heritage there, glad to see you're playing your part in preserving cultural diversity in the face of Mickey D's and Hollywood. I'm off now to dunk my digestive in a cuppa! :)

stuart f

Full Member
Jan 19, 2004
Hawick, Scottish Borders
Ah and there was me thinking that these people being dragged along the beach were just novice kite flyers having a bad day. So it is what their supposed to do,and i was thinking "oh look at that poor sod he,s having a hella,va time with that kite,do you think he needs a hand" :cool:

it,s a SPORT. Well you live and learn! CHEERS STUART F.

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