Some of my handmade jewellery - leaf necklace & hammered bracelet

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Dec 5, 2011
United Kingdom
I expect we could. We need the smelting crucible first but they aint too much money for a smallish one. We have the knife kiln to do the smelting, i see no reason why it wouldn't work :) Could buy it now and some silver grain, and crack on this week. Need the stuff to do sand casting aswell i think, . Rachael has just informed me that all that would be my job with the words "off you go then" :rolleyes:
I think that request for 48 hour days is really going to be needed. Just make sure you two collaborate on inlaid knives before anyone goes building Sam his double bit nessie toy :D I know for a fact he has to many things to buy currently :D:D:D


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Feb 14, 2012
The Netherlands
That looks amazing, If I had a SHMBO I'd make her happy with one of these, just so I could glance on them every once in a while
superb stuff never stop making these
Yours sincerely Ruud