Some Leather-Working Questions

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Feb 4, 2008
Have made a few sheaths recently and have a couple of questions to help me along the learning curve.

1) Does/can artificial sinew dye ok i.e match the leather once treated?

2) I've dyed the inside of a few sheaths to match the outer but have dye rubbing off on some of the wooden handles - is there a product to seal the dye in so this doesn't happen? Resolene? Gum tragacanth?

Thanks in advance,
Graeme :D


Jun 10, 2005
East Sussex
Dunno about artificial sinew & dye though I have both I'v never tried it. Somehow I doubt it will work well, younever know though. I'll try a bit if I remember...

I have had similar problems before. Resolene seems to work as does Shelac (a cote on the inside of a sheath will make it very rigid). Not sure about gum tradacanth - I use it on edges sometimes but since it's water soluble I'm not sure how well it would seal the dye, especially on damp days.

I'm sure others may know better...