Smelly 58 patt sleeping bag

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Jan 30, 2010
Three Counties
This has some history to it. It did the hippy trail to India with my sister in the 1970's, it last saw action in Snowdonia in 1992 and has been left in the garden shed for the last few years. Unsurprisingly, therefore, it has picked up a little discolouration and mould and a rather strong scent. However, in spite of all that it is in remarkably good condition and with a wash in downwash and a little tlc, it should come back to life. There are no holes in the fabric of the bag and it's not leaking any down, although there is a lot of stitching around the top of the bag where the waterfroof base meets the neck and a couple of small holes in the waterproof base itself which could be easily repaired by the look of it. The zip has broken at some point long ago and has been stitched a little way from the bottom to fix it and it works fine. This is another heavy item so i'm looking for £20 to include postage and fees. 58bag&rucksack 022.jpg58bag&rucksack 020.jpg58bag&rucksack 024.jpg 58bag&rucksack 018.jpg58bag&rucksack 021.jpg58bag&rucksack 025.jpg


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