Small polytunnel

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May 1, 2008
I want a polytunnel for the allotment, 2.5 x 2 m.
Ordered one from Ebay, paid, got numerous instructions re waiting in for delivery, got a text from Parcel force saying when it would be delivered, and.........nothing happened.
Paypal refunded the money, I contacted the seller, and they said, Oh yes, it was out of stock !!
So, does anyone know of a reliable supplier of ones this size, as most makers dont go this small ?

Dave Budd

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Jan 8, 2006
Dartmoor (Devon)
that's a bit smaller than the 2m polytunnel mentioned, but it's a useful link :) They also have poly tunnels amongst others. cheeper too, good find

n.b. the one I linked to is a small 'garden' variety. They have proper polytunnels too, just type 'polytunnel' into the search bar. I think I looked at them (ie these exact tunnels) a while ago when I was considering using one as a shed alternative in my woods. I ended up buying some pop up garages instead, but then I don't need the sun coming through
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Jul 16, 2006
Clara Vale, Tyne and Wear
I got mine from First tunnels in 10 foot square which is pretty big. Reliable, fairly easy to put up (two person job though) and top quality. They have a range foo sizes plus loads of accessories to optionally select. Videos and guides are good on the site as well.

Or check out the Polytunnel Handbook which has guidance on building your own from plastic tubing and other things -