shotgun cartridge whistle.

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Jul 29, 2007
just before christmas i picked up a feed bag full of cartridges from a shoot,and having made watertight stash pots i wondered what to do next and i came up with the idea of making a whistle out of one and here is how i did it:

any size cartridge will do:

next cut a v slot on the top thus:

next get a dowel,stick or turn a bit of wood to the correct size to fit into the shell end ,not tight and not loose then slice a small fiple off the wood,ie a flat surface about 1/8 of the thickness of the wood:

now push in till the end of the wood is flush with the flat side of the v cut:

now to secure the wood either glue or pin in place:

and here it is,a good shrill pitch and easy to make:

now will some one tell my kids to stop blowing them!


Apr 3, 2012
Runcorn, Cheshire
wouldn't you be a bit dubious of putting your mouth on something that previously contained gunpowder etc?......was going to make an inneundo joke but i figured i don't want the wrath of Toddy again :p


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Nov 28, 2011
Forest of Bowland
looks good, never thought of doing that. If you knock out the percussion cap and melt out the plastic from 2 cartridges you can hammer them together and make a whistle - I've used them for calling wigeon.