Sequel to The Good Life, by Dorian Amos...

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Mikey P

Full Member
Nov 22, 2003
Glasgow, Scotland
Spacemonkey said:
I got a great email from him last year after reading the book, and have just received another concerning the awaited sequel..

Well here it is:

Have either of them seen an editor, this time? I read the first book but I thought it was a great story marred by very poor editing. It was a real shame - I hope Dorian has had an editor go through subsequent manuscripts to check spelling, repetition, 'flow', etc. I am guessing there may have been (understandable) financial constraints first time round.


May 16, 2005
SE london
The first book was a life changer for me, litteraly. i wrote to them thanking them and recieved a similar email. This sequel is one i shal be definately getting.
I confess to reading the Online Yukon paper for some time afterwards although i can't remember what it was called now. Dorian wrote a few good pieces for it.
I loved the honesty and simplicity of the first book and hope an editor Doesn't change any of that. :D ;)


Jul 31, 2005
Funnily enough I have just bought his Mum-in-laws house - she is staying in the village and we have had many chats about Dorian and family. I'm working on an invite over there sometime!

falling rain

Oct 17, 2003
Woodbury Devon
Everyone seems to think the first book was so wonderful. I frankly thought it was severely spoilt by the apparent ease of which they got to go to Canada (it's extremely difficult unless you have friends, family, points) and the 'We stuck a pin in a world map and wherever it was , was where we were going to go' line. We later find out Dorian's wife has relatives there. Not quite the throw caution to the wind and just go for it tale it's made out to be. Would they have gone to Vladivostok if the pin had landed there?........ I think not. Parts of it were good but after the pin in the map line, and later finding out about the wife's relatives, I found I didn't know whether to believe anything that was written for the rest of the book. Won't be buying the sequel and don't quite believe everything in the first. Having said that though, fair play for doing it (going to Canada) and making some dollars with the books anyway, and I wish them well. Everyone has to make a living...... Just my opinion.

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