selk/ musuc bag- opinions & info

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Jan 28, 2012
taverham, thorpe marriott, norfolk
hi guys. been looking at the musucbag and selk bags (sleeping bags with sleeves and/or legs) for ages.

like this$T2eC16Z,!zEE9s3!Yld1BQVfgNWZew~~60_35.JPG

im quite keen on all these novel ideas. they seem quite practical from my perspective as im alway getting up in the night for clients, especially when they're young groups, to check there are no issues in the night but i never want to get out of my gonk bag.

just wondering what the general thoughts of these are?
are they worth the money?
are they good enough for winter bushcraft? or summer for that matter




Jan 23, 2011
Athens, Greece
I was about to buy it some time ago, but after watching this video I stepped back.

Then I came across this bag from Carinthia


but it's a) huge, b) heavy and bulky even compressed and c) quite expensive. I read it's issued to the Royal Marines.

There is also a Goose Down version but it's even more expensive than the synthetic model.

There is an alternative to these, like the old Austrian Army "Goldeck" bag

or the German Army "Sniper" Sleeping Bag, but it's almost 4 kgs heavy!
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Jan 19, 2014
Hello! Sorry it's a late reply. I have one of these!! I got the original one when it first came out and used it for festivals. I loved it. Since then I've become for hard core with the camping and have realised the version I have is not warm enough but then it's only a one season bag. The newer version goes to -9 so is warmer then mine. Also the new version has addressed some other issues with the fit whilst standing..mine dragged but now they have Velcro bits to hold it up. The newest version has removable feet which will be even better. I love them, I really do. Just wish they were 4 season.


Dec 2, 2012

I'm using a Sioen ECW coverall suit, used by M.O.D truck and tank drivers operating in the Baltic area. In the winter time I also use a Northern Diver undersuit or sometimes two Northern Diver undersuits, 200g and 100g with the Sioen ECW coveralls. With a trappers hat and hood and decent gloves or mittens it can make for a warm comfy night.

Still testing it out, but I may instal inside pockets for Zippo hand warmers than run on a small amount of petroleum for an internal heating system.

I like to be able to move quickly if sleeping in a place considered insecure in wild camping situations and prefer to be in a movable suit rather than a bag.

Much like mittens are warmer than gloves, heating loss is more in a suit, but with correct undersuit layers and possibly internal heating, a bit like a space suit, I hope to find the correct combination for a great sleeping suit.

Artic boot insulation may be the next upgrade to the system.

Cheers, Alex.

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