Searching blade similar to Kankaanpää Skinner

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Oct 30, 2020
Nuremberg, Germany
Hi folks,
I lost my favourite EDC knife...
I made it exactly twenty years ago from a Kankaanpää Skinner blade ordered from For me the perfect size and blade geometry for skinning, leather works, woodworking and food preparing. Razor sharp and holding edge like hell.
Sadly Anttii Kankaanpää is to old to make blades, so it is impossible to get the same blade anywhere.
There are a few different makers offering similar blades with a few differences and I need a little help to choose the right one. What are your experiences about quality/edge Holding of the following blades/Brands?
Lauri 90 Skinner carbon
Lauri Skinner PT 90
Polar Skinner. 91 mm carbon
Brisa Skinner carbon
Most Important for me is a true skandi Grind, without a second bevel. Pictures on Brisa's Website are Not exactly enough, sometimes you cant Tell wether you See a second bevel or just a shadow.
Would be nice of you could help me.

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