Search function seems broke again.

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Apr 16, 2009
My content now shows only 12 posts and I know I’m much more of a prolific gobby so and so than that :D A search for a thread or word still throws up results.

Edit: only recents. A search for what should produce loads of results, like “Spyderco”, “Prussik” etc shows no results found. It’s not broke, but it’s not running well.
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Apr 16, 2003
obviously we've been having some issues with the search function, it's a 3rd party add-on that seems to be failing, the answer is to do a major upgrade to the forums and some server software, we are planning on doing this in the near-ish future.

For now, I've defaulted to a more basic search function, rebuilt all the caches etc so that everything is running fine and you should be able to search ok, although it's not as good as before it is way better than something that's not working.
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