Scandi Pack Pal


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Jun 14, 2004
So the wait is finally over and it's here at last.

I opted for full tang construction ,natural micarta scales and mosaic pins with a fire steel holder on the sheath.

I have been waiting a while for this and during that time i have read various reviews about Allan's knives ,most if not all rave about his knives and now im going to add my voice to that chorus ,this is simply a most impressive little knife.

First impression was that I hadn't realised how small this was going to be ,second impression was how capable this "little" knife is.

Shown here against a WS micarta Woodlore and a (slightly modified) BRKT Northstar.
It's not fair to compare this little knife to the other "full size" knives but it's very capable and would make a great neck knife.

It is easily (and securely due to the finish on the scales ) held in any position.

I have to admit that i wasn't sure what to expect from this knife ,the BRKT Northstar was a big disappointment to me and i did at one point during the wait for this knife wonder if it was "an American thing" and that they just interpret Bushcraft knives differently to us ,but Allan is spot on with this.

It arrived sharp but not shaving sharp but a few minutes with some 1200 wet and dry and a strop and it's a razor.

It passes all the usual tests ,feather sticks ,firesteel etc. with flying colour's.
Much better than the Northstar and on a par with the WS Woodlore.

It's very well put together with a nice even blade grind and the scales are a really nice fit (better assembled than my Northstar).

The micarta has a textured finish that is really grippy and comfortable (better grip than the polished micarta on my Woodlore ) ......

.....and is nicely profiled

The sheath is also impressive ,i have no previous experience with kydex and i am impressed at how securely it holds the knife.
The sheath is neat and because of the off set belt loop the knife is held away from your body and makes withdrawl very easy.

I will make a couple of leather sheath's for it im sure but the kydex does a great job.

I have another of Allan's knives arriving in a few days (Field Puukko) and im sure it will not be the last.
It was a pleasure dealing with Allan ,he was very patient with my barrage of questions and always answered my emails quickly and informatively.
He has a very down to earth and accommodating manner.

Now the long term testing begins and im looking forward to it.



Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Jun 14, 2004
Gary said:
a leather neck sheath would look the mutts nuts mate.
Just playing around with some idea's now Gary.
A neck sheath for sure and maybe a cross draw.


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Jan 18, 2004
I have one on order, they are priced so low. Looking forward to it even more! :D

I reckon im gonna have to try and make a sheath for it though.


Apr 30, 2004
Seattle WA USA
Very nice eh? Mine continues to amaze me too. The handle contour is very nice in the hand and his fit is vastly more impressive than any other knife I have ever seen in the price category (or for that matter much more).

Yours is a near twin of mine with those scales and pins.

I think I will have to look into his field puukko too. Did you order one to match?


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Jun 14, 2004
I took the pics before i sharpened mine Schwert and now my blades nice and bright like your's ,the contrast looks really nice.
I originally ordered it with the hollow rivets but i got those on my Northstar and i don't like them so i changed my order to pin's and when i see it up close im glad i did.

I wanted to try another of Allan's knives and the Bushcrafter seemed pretty close to other knives i have already so i thought i'd try the Field Puukko ,(His new blade grind on the Bushcrafter looks good so maybe sometime ,and i know it's not very "bushcrafty" but i've always had a thing for Bowies and he makes some very nice Combat Bowie's. :naughty: )

Allan had this one for sale on here and BB a while back but i missed it by a few minutes so i asked him to make me one the same.

It was supposed to come with the Pack Pal but there was a problem with the handle and Allan wanted to make a new one.
I just heard from him tonight ,it has a new handle and it's on it's way.

I had an idea to make a leather pouch sheath for it with a flap like the Fallkniven F1 or the Grohmann Canadian Forces issue sheath but the kydex is very practical and not as "tactical" as i imagined so im not sure.


Celtic Dragon

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Aug 4, 2003
Hatfield, Herts
:cry: :cry: :cry: I hate you all!!! :D You aint making my wait any easier :D:D:D I've got 2 Packpals on order, and seeing these pics, I WANT MINE!!! :D:D:D

Look lovely though, cant wait to get my hands on 1 so see them in the flesh.


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Jun 14, 2004
So i had to work today but i made time to try the Pack Pal.
Battened it through some small green branch's with ease and then decided to try it on some timber from the wood pile.
Now this timber has been seasoned for 2 years for burning in my stove and it's really hard ,tried my GB mini on it and it was glancing off dangerously in all directions.

Now the Pack Pal has a short blade but it is very strong so i made a wedge and then Battened the knife into a piece of wood that was thicker than the blade was long.
Then having no blade to batten i drove the wedge in behind and drove the blade on through this split the wood easily into manageable pieces.

It great to be able to do such work with such a small knife.

After this i Battened the pieces into smaller sticks and made some shavings.
I find that scraping wood with a blade to produce a fine tinder for the ferrorod gives a good indication of edge retention.
Many blades will roll quite easily doing this but he Pack Pal took this in it's stride.

I tried to use the ferrorod and while the knife throws sparks well enough i did find the blade a little short and it was difficult to direct the sparks so i used my new firesteel.

And got a rewarding brew at the end of it :eek:):

No time to go hunting this weekend so i will have to wait to see how it handles game preparation.