Sale to fund new axe

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Apr 26, 2010
heres a few items that I want to sell to help pay for my new gransfors axe. all prices include p+p within UK.

First is a set of british issue mess tins in reasonable condition, few small dents but nothing too bad. £5

Next is a pair of british issue goretex waterproof trousers in dpm, great condition, size is 80/96/112, elasticated waist and ankles with toggle at waist. these are going for £30 in surplus stores, I'm only asking £20 Ono.

Next is a home made underquilt for a hammock, I made this by using a couple of unwanted sleeping bags, it has shock cord at either end to gather in and keep it snug and it also has shock cord running through the entire length to keep the sides elevated and keep your shoulders warm, end cords attach to hammock lines and side cords to ridge line. I slept with this in early march in relatively cold temperatures and I woke up too hot and had to get out my sleeping bag. packs down to about the size of your standard 2/3 season bag. I have now made another to fit my new A-sym hammock so surplus to requirements. SOLD




Next is an aluminium pot set, includes three pots, three lids/frying pans, pot and pan handle and wire handles for hanging. I adapted the pots myself so they could be hung over the fire using coat hanger wire. they all have a slot that the handle clips into and all fit inside each other to pack away neatly. i have used these pots for years now but are in good nick just a few small dents that do not affect use. £SOLD


Finally a Toga british made hatchet, it's the same size and weight as the Gransfors wildlife hatchet, it comes with a Gransfors leather head cover which I adapted to include a belt loop fastening. good sharp axe that I used as I carving axe. SOLD


Thanks for looking, Gregor.


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